Posting on forums can be great for generating instant traffic to your blog or website but if you are thinking of generating traffic continually and long after you have done your work then you have to consider driving traffic to your website using the method of article marketing.

  1. When you write articles and submit them to article directories all those who read your articles will see you as an expert in your niche. Whereas when people read your post on forums they will not be able to differentiate you from those who are not experts in the field.
  2.  Article directories will allow you to add a few links to your articles that will link to your website or the affiliate product you are marketing but most forums will ban you if you post too many links in your article.
  3. When you publish quality contents on your website you can equally publish that same article in an article directory with little to no changes made.
  4. Some article directories will reward you for sharing your ideas (article) on their website with a little token in form of an upfront payment in dollars or the option of sharing AdSense revenue in percentages. But most forums will not share their revenue with you or allow you to put your AdSense code anywhere on their website.
  5. Most people who do their search online will prefer to read a lengthy and well written article or a concise information about whatever they want to know than to read short notes with bits and pieces of information that cannot be validated.
  6. You are likely to get one or two of your articles picked up by the search engine within a short time. It takes time to get a forum post to rank in the top ten in the search engine while a well written article can get to the number one spot immediately after it gets indexed in the search engine.

When people search for information online they are likely to pick a well written article over a short forum post. The kind of information you will find when you search an article directory are usually well written and rich in context. That is why most people will prefer to search for such information on an article directory. 


When you submit articles to an article directory try as much as possible to submit them to as many directories as possible as this will help to spread your credibility. You can also post these same articles on forums too, but try to shorten them to fit a forum post which should  be short and straight to the point. But over all, you will get more traffic pouring in from the article directory to your website (over a long period of time) than you will get from a forum post.