To get more control over an iOS device, people jailbreak them. However, there are some who perform jailbreak to go against the big companies. Since there is no untethered jailbreak available for the iPhone 4s, we suggest the users to stay at version 5.0 as v5.0.1 brings no improvement over the former version. Some more reasons on why you should not jailbreak are given below.

1) After jailbreaking, you get access to some really amazing jailbreak applications and notification tweaks. These apps and tweaks are not available at the Apple's app store which significantly increase the risk of bricking the iPhone. Bricking makes the device nothing more than a paperweight. In case, something goes wrong with your smartphone, Apple will not even repair or replace it. That is why it is not recommend to jailbreak it unless a working tethered jailbreak is available.

2) When you jailbreak your iPad or iPhone, you also void its warranty. Also, support staff at Apple can easily figure out if you have jailbroken your device or not. Jailbreaking installs an application called Cydia that lets you to install apps from untrusted sources. That being said, plethora of people like to jailbreak just to make their iOS device look cooler from the ones that have not done it. Seldom do they know that iOS already lets its users customize their iPad or iPhone. Many customization options can be found under its settings application.  

3) Restrictions are there to prevent the user to prevent locking up of the device. If the Apple provides root user access natively to the casual iPhone user, he might corrupt the whole system by making modification to a particular system file. After that, user will be forced to install a fresh copy of whole operating system. He will also loose any data that was not synced with his computer before the system got corrupted. Installing fresh copy is a very tiring process and restoring data can take hours. That is why jailbreak is not recommend for an average Joe.