If you asked people to guess at the top ways to obtain a good workout, many wouldn't imagine the rebounder trampoline. Simply stated, the main reason for this is because people think of it as a children's toy. True, children do love to bounce on it; but after reading this piece you'll realize that NASA gave its endorsement on the incredible benefits and considers it man's greatest form of exercise.

If you're not the happy owner of a mini-trampoline, this article might be leaving you skeptical about now. You're not alone; a lot of people have this feeling before fully getting to know rebounders. Let's take a very basic approach to understanding; a good workout is derived when you're performing an exercise which sufficiently burns calories via keeping your heart rate up and thereby allowing you to stay in shape. In general terms, the most popular exercises are walking and jogging.

A basic comparison is a good way to weigh the rebounder vs. jogging. You might immediately jump to the conclusion that bouncing on a mini trampoline cannot possibly bring about the same calorie burning abilities for your body as jogging does. You might be shocked to find out that testing revealed the calorie burn for 20 minutes on a rebounder was actually higher than a 3 mile jog. We can quickly examine why this is the case.

The main reason comes from how the rebounder works with your body. The trampoline permits you to leap high into the air where two things are occur. One experience is that of weightlessness -- though for a mere second -- and it happens at the peak of your jump. The second experience is a landing from your leap that can be up to 5 x the force of gravity. Due to added pressure on your muscles and bones from the bottom of your jump, your body strengthens. Your body also benefits when its fully extended, which assists with greater airflow and the stimulation of specific body chemicals; these allow a higher production of energy. If that's not enough, your abs will too benefit by strengthening since maintaining body balance and stability will come naturally on the mini trampoline.

There is a significant contrast between the pressure placed on your knees and feet while jogging and that occurring while using a rebounder. There are quite a few folks out there who believe they can simply go out an run after slapping on a pair of jogging shoes.

This belief would be a huge mistake. The resulting repetitive pounding of the foot (impacting the pavement) brings about injuries to backs, knees, ankles, and feet -- some of these can be serious. Using the mini trampoline, on the other hand, governs the impact on your knees and ankles since the mat literally reduces your speed. A Rebounder has so many benefits that it's of little wonder why people have been quick to revere it as one of today's most fun and popular workouts. If, before, you looked at it as just a "toy", I bet you never would have guessed its incredible benefits.