Rebounders or Mini Trampolines Are Perfect For Exercising At Home

Want to have an easy way to keep in good shape? Try a mini-rebounder. They are easy to store in your home and in just 10 minutes you can get the equivalent of jogging for half an hour. Rebounders are great for many reasons.

Benefits to Bouncing on a Mini Trampoline

  1. It helps the lymphatic system clear out waste from every cell in your body. The pull of gravity with each bounce helps to get the lymphatic system moving.
  2. It stimulates the internal organs which helps to keep them healthy.
  3. Is not hard on your knees and joints like running because of the cushioning springs. Do get a rebounder that is of good quality so the bounce is a soft one.
  4. Increases your lung capacity.
  5. Deep breathing while exercising helps to increase the oxygen in your body.
  6. Don't have to worry about being chased by the neighborhood dogs.
  7. Is easy to do at home and you can keep an extra rebounder at work too.
  8. Sleep better with exercise.
  9. Stimulates your metabolism which helps to keep your weight down.
  10. Jumping on a rebounder lowers cholesterol
  11. The gravitational pull helps your whole musculoskeletal system.
There are so many reasons to use a rebounder. I use a Needak rebounder as a part of my exercise program. It has a particularly soft bounce. There is a difference. I tried my friend's mini trampoline and it was jarring compared to mine. There may be other good brands too, but I'm quite familiar with Needak.

Another benefit is that it's fun and doesn't take a lot of time or preparation. You don't need to drive to the gym or go out in bad weather.

I've had my rebounder for several years. I also have walking partners and do other forms of excersize, but the mini-rebounder has been one of the quickest and easiest pieces of equipment to use and it's nice to have aneasy way to keep in good shape.