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Learning to rebuild your life after divorce can be the most difficult and frustrating thing to do. There are some basic steps to take in order to not prolong unnecessary emotional stress.

Be Positive! Decide you will work hard to heal or be healed emotionally. Don't beat up on yourself but try to discover what you did wrong in the past. Forgive yourself and move on.

Divorce makes people uncomfortable, so don't be surprised if you lose some friends. You will keep your true friends but it's the ones that you both knew that may be the problem. It's ok, because it's a new horizon and you are going to meet lots of new friends.

Reading Positive self-help books after divorce can be a huge bonus for your mood and attitude. There are so many good motivational speakers who have books and CDs out. Zig Ziglar is a very good one to look into. His book "Success for Dummies" is an excellent book to help lift your spirits.

You may not feel like getting out but it will do you some good. It doesn't mean you have to party, but going out with the girls once in a while is fun and can be mood uplifting in the right company. Going to the gym a couple times a week will do a world of good. Taking care of yourself is really important at this time of your life. Try getting a manicure or a pedicure!

It's really important to spend time getting to know who you are after divorce and focus on your future. We, sometimes, forget who we are when we are in a relationship. Life can only be that much better when we are confident and sure of our own worth.

Take up a hobby and discover yourself by learning something new. You may find that you have a talent you never realized you had or you may realize that whatever you decide to do, is great therapy for your situation.

You should definitely seek good counseling advice. Professional counselors are important because they will just listen and not appease your emotions. In this regard, you can discover yourself without taking good intended advice from friends who want to quick fix the problem. It's all about the road to discovery. You won't get through it fast if it's done right but in the end, you will see yourself healed and transformed into a new you! Rebuilding your life after divorce takes time and energy to a positive goal.


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