Canadian company RIM, otherwise known as Research In Motion, knew what the public was looking for in a flexible, handy, do-everything mobile phone. Anyone who owns a Blackberry knows what I'm talking about. They serve us with our every-day needs, whether it be talking, texting, e-mailing, fiddling with applications, or simply just passing the time with a couple of games.

Many of us feel like we cannot go a single day without at least picking up our Blackberry to see what the electronic world is going to deliver us. This is, of course, until something goes wrong. Let's face it - accidents do happen. And sometimes we happen to drop our phone, step on it, lose it, or manage to get it crushed somehow.

If this ever does happen, there is a chance that mechanically your phone is toast... until you send it in to Research In Motion, and pay an arm and a leg to get it fixed. For almost all of us, we cannot do anything about this. When it comes to the microchips and wires, we have no choice but to fork it over. However, if your Blackberry gets into a little accident and it still works, and it just has surface damage, there are other alternatives rather than sending it in to Research In Motion and having to pay an astronomical amount.


Luckily, most phone suppliers (ie - Bell, Rogers, Telus, etc) will be kind enough to either do something on-site for you about your situation, or recommend you elsewhere. Here's what you need to know...

Things You Will Need

-Research In Motion is not the only answer to fixing your damaged Blackberry

-There are many places that will fix and replace parts damaged only on the surface. Even places in gigantic shopping malls!

-Some computer / electronics stores will offer repairing services, as well as non-mainstream communications businesses

-Although it seems kind of iffy, most of these places have skilled technical staff who will do a quality job on your phone, and for cheap too.

-Many components can be replaced WITHOUT having to be sent to Research In Motion, including face plates, screens, keyboards, track balls, back plates, and cases.

-Most bills for component replacement or repair only average about $40-60. Compare that with $150 - $270. Not a bad deal!

--99% of all repairs done are same-day! Sending your phone in to Research In Motion for cosmetic damage takes at least 1-2 weeks, and you're paying almost triple!

Knowing this information can be extremely helpful when a speedy repair is needed, for a more than fair price. Everyone who owns a Blackberry should have access to this information so that both time and money can be saved!

Tips & Warnings

Note: Some of these services may not be available in your area. More research is required on your part to see if the services are offered. If they are, you are in for a treat!