As much as the current media's portrayal of a recall is made out to be an ominous event, it really is not. For Toyota, even with its much televised auto recall for their faulty and safety issues, the most affect it would bring to its customers is a bit of their time for a free repair.

Contrary to popular belief, millions of automobiles are recalled every year by manufacturers. In actuality, it is a common occurrence. It just has not been televised as much until recently. In 2009, 2010 alone, there were four major recalls from automakers beside the Toyota Corporation.

1.5 million of General Motors' passenger sedans were recalled in for the possibility of and engine fire. To fix a clip on the brakes, Chrysler recalled 20,000 vehicles. Honda also made two major recalls. One was to fix a power window switch that if water leaked in, could melt and catch on fire, while the other was to replace a protective cover around the A/C blower motor wires to prevent damage, just in case car passengers kick the motor.

Car owners alarm is understandable though. Auto recalls do reflect a safety issue that could possibly place them in harms way. Like any other sophisticated machineries, automobiles too have the possibility of malfunctioning. Even though vehicles go through designs and rigorous tests to meet the most stringent requirements, there is always the possibility that it can slip.

That does not undermine that any given risk to car owners is often remote. Yes, there have been times when high-profile incidents did trace back to a malfunction, but most problems that concern manufacturers enough to announce a recall if it occurs is very rare. The vehicle's flaw is not an immediate risk to the safety of the drivers.

Admitting to a fault is not easy. But automakers easily accept responsibility for their mistakes and take swift action to guarantee the safety of their customers without the government needing to step in. Manufacturers make most recalls voluntarily, and usually foot the bill themselves. Because of this, fewer car buyers end up needing to hire a lawyer for California lemon law help to fix the unavoidable repairs without having to foot the bill.