In today's economy, a lot of people have returned to school in the hopes of getting a better education, so that they may eek out the competition when it comes to job hunting. There are many different ways to attend school. You can go to a traditional school, take CLEP courses, or go to school online. Online schools have been becoming increasingly popular do to the ease in which you can manage your course load. Some schools let you take your courses one class at a time, while other schools want you to take two or more classes. It can take anywhere from eighteen months to four years to earn your degree, depending on how many credits you need and how many classes you take at a time.

I chose to return to school for the same reason thousands of other people do. I had the job experience in my field of work but I needed educational experience. I tried going to a traditional college but since I am in a military family and we travel a lot, it was hard to keep transferring from school to school. I finally decided on attending an online college. After doing lots of research, which included talking to friends and family members, in addition to doing a search on the internet, I decided on applying for University of Phoenix. One of the things I like about this college is that they have so many campuses around the world in addition to being online. I am an Army wife with two children so I decided to go to school strictly online. The degree I chose was Information of Technology with a concentration in Networking.

University of Phoenix starts all of their new online students at Axia College. This is the name of the school where you get your Associates degree. You take two classes at a time for nine weeks each. If your last day of class is on a Sunday, your new set of classes starts that following Monday. You are required to participate in two discussion questions a week, every other week, along with your weekly assignments. Most classes are worth 1000 points with your final paper being worth 250 points. The school is a bit expensive ($13,920 a year) if you aren't affiliated with the military. If you are a veteran, active duty member spouse or child of a military person, you receive a discount and the yearly price becomes $6,720.

University of Phoenix accepts most college credits from other schools, online or traditional, and they even accept the credit you've earned during your time in the military. I was able to get a head start on my classes this way. It took about eighteen months but I was able to receive my Associates degree in Information Technology. I am now taking a few months off before continuing to get my Bachelors.

University of Phoenix is an excellent online school, but there are many others out there. You just need to do the research and find one that best suits you.