While going through the Peace Corps application process, be prepared to do a lot of waiting. You may receive a nomination weeks after your interview, or you may have to wait a few months.

 Peace Corps assignments aren’t released as they are created, they are announced to staff in batches and how quickly you receive your nomination will depend on the time span between your interview and when jobs are announced.

What is a Nomination?

A nomination is a recommendation, nothing more and nothing less.  After the recruiter reviews all your information (references, transcripts, and other documents requested during the application) it is then determined if you would be good for service or not.  If you are, the recruiter then recommends you as a candidate for an assignment for you based on your preferences.

Nominations are not specific. They usually include a region, service type, and departure month.  Something along the lines of computer science is Sub-Sahara Africa or business development in Eastern Europe. Peace Corps Wiki logoCredit: Facebook.com

At this point, you’re welcome to search the Peace Corps wiki to compare project departure dates to your nomination to guess at where you’ll be sent. However, be aware that the wiki is not officially managed by the Peace Corps and the data may not be accurate.

Depending on your nomination and your skills, you may be required to learn another language before you go if the main foreign language is not English (such as West Africa). In this case, you’ll have to sign a form stating that you’ll make an effort to learn the language, and how (class, private tutor, or computer program).

Can Nominations Change?

While nominations themselves do not change, it is common for your actual invitation to be different, either in type of service or location. And don’t be surprised if you are originally nominated to leave in October, but don’t end up leaving until February.  Peace Corps looks for flexibility in its volunteers, and you’ll have to display that trait while going through the application process.

What Happens After I Receive a Nomination?

You’ll do a lot of waiting, but some of that time will be occupied by filling forms for your medical and legal review.