If you or someone you know is planning on a flight to Honolulu anytime soon, you may want to be aware of some recent changes in airline pricing policies. For a variety of reasons including the increasing cost of fuel and the economic downturn several air carriers that provide nonstop Honolulu flights have instituted new fees or surcharges that may catch you by surprise.

Continental Airlines recently announced they will allow one bag to be checked for free on flights to and from Honolulu International Airport. Following several other major carriers Continental will now charge an additional fifty-dollars for each bag after the first. Frequent fliers may not be subject to this fee as the airline exempts any traveler that is a member of their Elite Access program, including first class and business class ticket holders.

In a very similar move American Airlines increased their checked baggage fee on second bags to fifty-dollars for international flights. These extra charges are once again blamed on falling revenue for the company and an increased cost of fuel. At this time it appears the increase may be limited to flights originating outside of the United States, but will apply to flights heading to any U.S. territory including the Honolulu airport.

In other news regarding travel to Honolulu and the Hawaiian Islands, Air Canada recently announced a new route that will offer travelers direct flights between Calgary and Honolulu. The service will be seasonal only and will begin this year on December 5th. Currently Air Canada flies non-stop from Vancouver B.C. to Honolulu fifteen times each week, with additional flights added if necessary. The new Calgary to Honolulu flights will have somewhat random schedule with most flights taking place on Saturdays, Mondays and Fridays. Costs for the flights will hover around five-hundred dollars, Canadian.