There have been a surprising number of players and coaches ejected from World Series games. Most fans would imagine that players and coaches would be especially careful not to argue excessively with so much on the line. While it certainly does not happen every year, there are some more recent cases where players, managers or coaches have been ejected from World Series games.

1985, Game Seven, Joaquin Andujar & Whitey Herzog

The '85 World Series ultimately saw the St. Louis Cardinals falling to the Kansas City Royals in seven games. Andujar was an effective, if not fantastic, pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals during the regular season. Throughout the 1985 postseason however, pitcher John Tudor had been extremely effective and Manager Whitey Herzog went with Tudor instead of Andujar for the final game seven. Tudor didn't make it out of the third inning and the Royals quickly notched ten runs.

Andujar was called in to pitch starting in the fifth inning. Andujar allowed one of the Royals six runs that inning and things took a turn for the worst. Throughout the series, home plate umpire Don Denkinger had missed a few calls and with each game, Cardinals Manager Whitey Herzog had let him have it more and more from the dugout. Eventually, Denkinger called a ball, Andujar disagreed and started to lose it. Herzog came out and started yelling at the umpire, getting ejected pretty quickly for criticizing his play calling the game before. Andujar wasn't ejected until the next pitch. It was a ball and Denkinger misread a gesture from Andujar to the catcher, ejecting him immediately. Andujar was furious and had to be restrained by three teamates.

1992, Game Three, Bobby Cox

Cox is known for his volatility. He gets tossed from games at a higher rate than any other acting manager so, even in 1992, this ejection didn't really surprise many people.

During this World Series the Blue Jays became the first non-U.S. team to win the Championship. They beat the Braves in six games. In game three Cox was ejected in the middle of the ninth inning.

In the top of the inning, the Braves had a man on first (pinch runner Brian Hunter) and Jeff Blauser at the plate. Hunter was thrown out stealing second base and the pitch was initially called a ball. The catcher appealed to the first base umpire (at the behest of shortstop Manual Lee) who ruled he had swung and he was called out on strikes.

After the inning was over, prior to the start of the bottom of the inning, Cox figured the best way to express himself was to throw a batting helmet out of the dugout and onto the field. Home plate umpire Joe West didn't appreciate this specific form of expression and tossed him from the game. In the bottom of that inning, the Blue Jays would break the tie and win the game.

1996, Game Six, Bobby Cox

Oddly enough, game four is partly responsible for Cox being ejected in game six. In Game 6, middle infield umpire Terry Tata made a bad call by saying Marquis Grissom had been thrown out by catcher Joe Girardi after a dropped ball. Cox ran out and began his ritual yelling but wasn't immediately tossed. On his way back to the dugout he started in on third base umpire Tim Welke.

In game four, Welke unintentionally obstructed Atlanta Brave outfielder Jermaine Dye, ultimately contributing to a six run Yankee comeback and win. Cox hadn't (and probably still hasn't) forgotten, leading to a tirade directed at Welke on his return to the dugout from his tirade on Tata.

New York would go on to win this game and the Series.

It has been a long time since the last World Series ejection. I am sure there will certainaly be more and I hope to be watching to see the next Fall Classic tossing.

Bobby Cox Being EjectedCredit: Dianne PikeCredit: Dianne Pike