Printing technologies continue to advance with technological changes. With computers and other technology, the industry has had to alter the way work is executed. The jobs which were once done manually have become automated, and in all the three phases of printing, we can see the influence of technology. Visual changes have taken place in the prepress phase, where workers now can produce entire jobs (publication) with the help of computer. Columns and rows can be arranged easily on the PC screen to accurately show the way they will emerge in the print. Prepress staff now need to have education in software and graphics communications since all the prepress works now is computerized. Technology has also made a mark in the printing process where press operators now use PCs to make changes in printing presses.

Most commercial printers have begun to do some kind of high quality digital printing. Digital printing is considered one of the fastest growing industries. In today's society digital cameras and scanners are widely used to input pictures and computers format the images into printing. High quality digital printing eliminates most of the long manual procedures by direct transferring, this is just another example of how digital printing is transforming prepress and printing process.

Customers now can have their products labeled, packaged and shipped directly from the companies to their door. Other local print shops offer delivery to their clients. A client can order their services online and compare prices from multiple print shops by digitally visiting multiple sites.

Print shops that wish to remain competitive have taken advantage of the internet and online services. Print shops that are diligent are starting to understand the change in the way clients are finding services. A vast majority of people use the internet to search for local and national services. For this reason it is wise for a print shop to make sure they are included in their local search results i.e. Schererville Printer.

If a printer can show up in the search results, deliver a quality product and compete with price then there is a good chance that a local client will choose them over a large national printer that has no relationship with them.