I have recently received word from several new eHow users that eHow is closing down article submissions from writers and outsourcing to a related company named Demand Studios. The recent eHow changes have made InfoBarrel one of the only leading article websites for aspiring writers to submit their articles. According to a message sent out by eHow, they are announcing "Demand Studios is now the exclusive platform for writing new articles for eHow.com." These changes will prevent users from submitting their articles to eHow directly.

InfoBarrel was already one of the better places to submit articles due to the large portion of adsense earnings and high Google indexing. It is quite possible to exceed the earnings that were normal for articles submitted to eHow. I would recommend that you sign up for InfoBarrel and test out the earning structure for yourself. InfoBarrel gives 75% of the adsense earnings to authors that post their articles with them. eHow revenues are very shady and sometimes seem like they are just paying whatever they feel like at the time. Thus far my articles with InfoBarrel have been keeping pace with my eHow submissions. Google indexing is also occurring at much quicker rates and higher ranks than many of my eHow articles.

InfoBarrel allows users to collect their payment directly from adsense so there is no second-guessing how your articles are fairing. Using adsense also gives users the chance to use the many tracking tools that are included with the adsense package. IB will require you to submit your adsense ID to them in order to send the clicks to your account. It is very easy to apply and receive an adsense account but can take several weeks to be approved. Visit adsense.com to sign up and apply for your adsense account. In additions to adsense, IB also allows users to collect income from amazon.com and chitika.com. Both of these sources can provide a steady stream of income.

There have been several IB members that were burned by eHow, moved all of their articles over to IB, and have reported that income rates are just as good, if not better that eHow. Now that eHow is no longer an options for new writers it is the best time to sign up for InfoBarrel and begin making money. The owners of IB are taking great care to increase the authority of the site and make every effort they can to keep the quality consistently better than the competition. This higher quality will lead to higher page rank for articles, higher traffic, and above all, more money in your pocket. As time goes by, IB will gain seniority and content, and earning potentials will only increase.