Dating is a really expensive process. First of all, many people find dates online these days. That costs money to pay for the dating service memberships. Then, if you find a date, it's all about the money. Chances are you will meet each other at a coffee shop or restaurant and then out to a movie afterward. This all costs money, a lot of it. What is one supposed to do in a time of economic recession or depression? It's hard enough in good financial times to find a date. Standards are high; men need to have good jobs and nice cars. Women need top-of-the-line fashions and monthly hair and tanning appointments. These things are more and more unlikely to find during these extremely difficult financial times. With the superficial habits and attitudes many Americans have adopted, the chances at finding a mate are becoming more and more unlikely. So, what will become of the future of dating? Is the whole ritual going to be phased right out or will we adapt to the changing times and learn to find the silver lining in a gloomier, doomier era?

We should think about going back to the roots of America. I know it seems hard to believe but we didn't always have constant contact with each other through our wireless connections and cell phones. We didn't always feel like we needed to spend a small fortune to get someone else to notice us. Things don't have to be like this and soon, things won't be able to be like this. Money is becoming hard to come by for many, many Americans and throwing it away on frivolous things is not an option.

So, what can we do? You can start by finding people who are interested in you for who you really are. Not by what your online profile says, not by your ten year old pictures you post, and not by what your career is or by the kind of car you drive. Meet people at hobby clubs, at churches, at the library, or at college. These are places that speak about your character, that show your interests and prove that you have things in common, not just that you both know how to use a computer and are so unimaginative that you can't think of anything to do!

When you do set up a date, why not do some things that require little to no money. You could enjoy nature and go for a hike or a walk. Stop by the grocery store and buy some things for sandwiches and lemonade. Pack it all up and hit the trails together. You could grab some sporting equipment and do something fun together; skiing, tennis, volleyball, football, basketball…these things are all free.

People need to change their mentalities when it comes to who they feel is deserving of their time. You need to take a step back from modern luxuries and the things which society deems important and worthy and look into your heart and towards simpler times. Times when marriages actually lasted and times when people cared about each other and times when money wasn't the number one priority. When you can find these things within yourself you will then be able to find happiness.