Recessions can mean that many people find themselves to of work, although there are many different professions which tend to fare a lot better during downturns. Essentially any job in which the demand for the service being performed is not affected by how much money people have is recession proof.

Supermarket employees, for the most part are always safe during economic depressions due to the fact that everyone still has to eat. Similarly farmers and crop growers are also usually not affected too badly by the economy so long as they sell something that is commonly consumed. So for example a wheat grower wont be affected as everyone eats wheat in some form. However someone who farms ostrich meat might not do so well as less people use the product.

Government jobs are generally safe from recession, although they can be affected by changes in the ruling party. Most government jobs are usually well paying, as well as offering good benefits packages and health care. The only factors affecting these kinds of jobs are that certain political parties are in favor of less centralized government, and some tend to build it up. Although this isn't directly related to recessions, if there is an election during a recession, then some jobs can tend to be either lost or gained during the exchange.

Producers of luxury goods are often thought to be the first ones who suffer during an economic depression, however this isn't usually the case. Recessions tend to affect poor people a lot more then rich people, meaning the rich can still afford the luxury products that they have always bought. This is why for example that a GM dealer might go out of business, as normal people cannot afford new cars. A Bentley dealer by contrast will likely notice little change in sales or profits, as people who can afford the price tag in the first place are rich enough not to be affected.

People who perform specialized services such as gas engineers or plumbers are also unaffected for the most part by economic recession. Construction workers by contrast are often affected badly , as their entire industry depends on people spending money, which they aren't doing during depressions.The reason that plumbing and gas isn't affected is that people still need to get these appliances repaired, and can't usually do it themselves. Having heating and plumbing are basic human needs, particularly during the winter time, and repairing these things yourself isn't common knowledge. Unlike for example auto repairs which many people know the basics of, messing around with gas pipes can be extremely dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.

Public services are often relatively recession proof due to the fact that people will always need them and that the level of demand for them isn't affected by the economy. In fact in the case of law enforcement, bad economic conditions tend to mean that the crime rate goes up, meaning police are more in demand than ever. Doctors, nurses and people involved with health care are also essential, as peoples health is constant also. The only risk factor for these jobs is possible downsizing in certain areas, although for the most part they are always in demand somewhere, so you wouldn't be out of work for very long.

Jobs within the military are usually recession proof, as for the most part the country still needs soldiers and personnel to defend themselves and to occupy foreign territories. The United States for example has soldiers stationed in dozens of countries, not to mention the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Despite the fact that these jobs might be very dangerous, they tend to also be safe due to the fact that there are age restrictions on most positions, and the fact that quite a few people are killed in the line of duty.

Lastly professional assistant and house service jibs such as butlers are generally always recession proof. The kind of people who can afford these kinds of services are already rich enough not to be seriously affected by recessions. Also the fact that there are very few people within this market means that once you are in the right job, finding other employment from contacts you can gather is easy.