Game Overview

Recettear is a PC video game about a girl and a loan shark fairy trying to establish a successful store selling items to adventurers. You know in an RPG adventure when you go on a quest and spend your hard earned loot on new items? Now you can play on the the other side of the store counter!

In order to win the game you need to make enough each week to pay off your debt. This amount grows every week, so you can't be complacent. On a simple level you achieve this by buying goods from the market and the guild, placing them in your store and selling them at a markup price to customers. Soon enough you can adventure yourself for items and later 'fusion' can synthesis items into better ones.

What are the weekly payments?

Week Amount Due
1 10 000
2 30 000
3 80 000
4 200 000
5 500 000

General Hints and Tips

  • Remember to visit other locations in town, such as the church. You can tell if there is something going on if it is glowing. Triggering certain events in town can lead to important things such as unlocking adventurers.
  • Time management is important, so think ahead what needs to be done. As mentioned in the game tutorial it costs a time segment to open the store, one to return to the store from town (no matter how many places you visit) and two to adventure. Keep in mind, if you go to town but don't visit any locations it doesn't cost you time but if you go adventuring then it will cost you to adventure and return to the store from town.
  • Don't worry too much about losing the game. Unlike a lot of computer games you don't have to restart from scratch. You start back at the first week with all of your inventory and character levels.
  • Remember to save your game often!

Making money by buying and selling

  • It may be an idea to sell all your items at base price for the first week since you won't be making much off them anyway but it will get you a pile of experience.
  • When selling an item and bargining for the price, when it lists the base price that doesn't refer to the price you paid for it but the price that 100% of customers will accept. Generally you can sell everything at 100% but you won't make enough money to win the game.
  • Atmosphere is the key to changing your customer base. It changes how much case people will bring in and who will visit the store. Gaudy will bring richer people but less often. Light and Dark will change which unique characters will turn up. Make sure atmosphere reflects what items you are currently selling.
  • What you put in the store window will also have an effect on atmosphere and who will turn up.
  • Remember that there are certain combos and bonuses you can achieve that will add to your experience and level your character up faster. Since character level advantages like synthesis will get you more cash in the long run aiming for XP boosts will pay off.
  1. Just Combo - By selecting the right price on the first go, i.e the customer doesn't ask you to change your price. This doubles every successive sale you manage to do this on.
  2. Just Bonus - If you get within the customers expected value of the item you get 30 bonus points.
  3. Near Pin - single bonus that if you pick a price close to the customers target worth 15 points.
  • As you sell items you gain reputation with customers. This means that they will come back more often and have a larger budget to buy with and sell you better items.
  • Different people have different attitudes to price. Little girls are notoriously picky about price but the young man will go a lot higher.
  • React to demand. If something is in high demand- stock it! If it is low in demand take it off the shelves and buy a bunch of it from the stores.
  • When customers want 'metal' they mean something non-precious (such as gold) but still made from metal.

Adventuring Tips

  • This is an excellent way of getting items to sell and the best way of making your first payment. After this try not to adventure too much. While the items you get are free adventuring takes up a lot of time. You are a store owner - this isn't an adventure RPG!
  • Watch out for traps in the dungeon. This is indicated by an exclamation mark over Recetter's head. When you see this get out of the way! Note that several different traps exist.
  • Take bit of food with you for those desperate moments when your adventurer is low on HP.
  • If you start to see a lot of Will-O-wisps that means you are taking a long time to finish the floor. You may want to hurry up or come back when you are stronger.
  • As your adventurer levels up so do their fees! You may want to swap around from time to time so that you don't pay too much.
  • Keep in mind the equipment you have given your adventurer. Make sure that they have the most powerful items that you can afford. You can give them some items when you take them adventuring but that means you can carry less loot back.

If you have any other tips you think should be added, please leave a comment!