Rechargeable candles are a dream come true if you love the beauty and festiveness of having candles throughout your home, but hate cleaning up wax or paying for batteries over and over again. They are perfect for Christmas and the holiday season, but fashionable enough to use throughout the year. Read on to discover more about rechargeable candles, the benefits of using them over other candle types, and the prices for them in stores.

What Is A Rechargeable Candle?

Rechargeable candles are simply candles that appear like a wax candle, but use electricity to power a flameless LED light. Unlike battery candles, they come with a recharging station and their batteries can be refilled hundreds of times with no issues. A typical recharge may take three to four hours for a candle and provide ten to twelve hours (or more) of continuous light. 

rechargeable candles_2Rechargeable candles come in a large choice of shapes and sizes including rechargeable tea lights, votives, and pillar candles. Many come in sets with multiple sizes of candles. You can find rechargeable candles in multiple colors, whether that be the candle itself or the flameless LED light, but by far the most common type is white (or a frosted white glass) with a realistic yellowish-white candle glow. 

Many rechargeable candles come with multiple LED light settings. You can set the light to remain steady or to flicker like a typical candle would. A few on the market even have motion sensing technology, so they will light when you enter the room and turn off upon your leaving.

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The Pros And Cons Of Rechargeable Candles

There are many benefits to using a rechargeable candle, but they do come with a few minor downsides as well.


  • Rechargeable candles leave no mess behind. If you are like many, the wax residue left by dripping candles can be a major irritant. There is no worry with these candles.rechargeable candles_1(111589)
  • These candles are much safer than traditional wax candles. There is no real flame involved with rechargeable candles, so no chance of a candle accidentally causing a fire. 
  • They are cheaper over time than battery candles. Because you can recharge these candles, you don't need to buy batteries multiple times during the year. This savings can be pretty significant if you use a lot of candles in your home.


  • They typically cost a little more in retail than other candle types. This con, though, is short-lived. While your initial price might be higher, you'll save a bundle over time as you don't need to buy more candles or batteries.
  • They take maintenance, albeit very little. You need to plug in these candles every twelve hours or so to recharge them. Battery candles normally last longer than that, but most comparably sized wax candles would have burned off hours before.
  • Close-up, the votive and tea light versions may look unnatural (though some look pretty real). It's the flame LED shape that gets to some people. But, when you put that tea light or votive into a frosted white glass, that LED flame will look much more normal.

Where And When To Use Rechargeable Candles

The holidays are a popular time to use rechargeable candles. At Christmas time, you can create a festive air around your home, mixing and matching tea lights with pillar rechargeable candles. Plus, it's a great peace of mind knowing that you and your family are safe from accidental fires. 

But rechargeable candles can be used for much more than just holiday time. As an accent light, these candles are exceptional. You can place a few in your living room or bedroom. They can light up your indoor garden or your dining room table. You could use a motion sensing version as a bathroom night-light or as a welcoming presence near a front door. rechargeable candles_4(111590)There are many places around the home where rechargeable candles can add to the ambiance. 

Rechargeable candles are especially beneficial for restaurants and businesses. If you need lighting ambiance, but finances are always a concern, these candles make a great investment. You can use rechargeable tea lights on each restaurant table or pillar lights mixed and matched around your products for sale. They are very cost-effective as you don't need to stock dozens of batteries.

Rechargeable Candle Prices

As these candles often come in sets, the pricing fluctuates greatly. You can find sets of two to three pillar candles for $30 to $40 or twelve tea lights with frosted white plastic cups for around the same price. Versions that come with glass containers can increase the price significantly, but the look can be well worth it. 

No matter your choices, you're going to love the flexibility and cost savings these candles give you during the holidays or anytime of year. They are a smart investment for your home decor.