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How to make a Spanish Omelet

This is a simple recipe for making a typical Spanish omelet. In Spain it is usually referred to as a 'tortilla de patatas' or 'tortilla Española' which literally means a potato omelet. 

A Spanish omelet, which can be served either hot or cold and accompanied with tomatoes or a fresh salad, is a very useful dish to serve up for unexpected guests as one nearly always has some eggs and a few potatoes in the kitchen. 

Ingredients for an omelet for 4 people 

6 eggs

3 medium sized potatoes

1 large onion

olive oil



shallow frying pan

saucepan lid or plate large enough to cover the circumference of the frying pan

wooden spatula


  • First peel the potatoes and dice them into cubes (roughly the size of small sugar lumps). 

  • Add the diced potato cubes into a deep frying pan with hot olive oil and let them fry until they are just about to turn golden, at which point they should be taken off the heat and put aside. 

  • While the potatoes are frying, cut and slice the onion and fry also until just about to turn golden. 

  • Crack the 6 eggs open into a large bowl and beat well adding salt and pepper to season. 

  • Now add to this bowl the potato cubes and the onion slices and mix all together well. 

  • You will next need to heat up a frying pan with a small quantity of oil, to which you can add all the ingredients of the bowl. 

  • Once the ingredients have been added lower the heat and with a wooden spatula keep on tucking in the edges of the tortilla. Every now and then slide the wooden spatula right underneath the tortilla to the middle of the pan to ensure that it is not sticking. 

  • After about six or seven minutes you need to turn the tortilla over so that the top side can be cooked as well. 

  • Get hold of the saucepan lid or large plate and place it over the frying pan. Now gripping firmly to the handle of the frying pan with one hand and with the other hand pressing down the lid or plate firmly, flip the frying pan right over and once you lift the frying pan away you will have the omelet on the plate. 

  • Once on the plate you can now slide it back into the frying pan, as illustrated in the photo above, so that the other side gets cooked as well. This will probably take another six or seven minutes but one's nose is usually always the best indicator as to when an omelet is cooked and ready.  

One can add other ingredients to a Spanish omelet to spice it up or make it a little more special and these could include any of the following: 

red peppers

green peppers


tuna fish




green beans



flipping a spanish omelet(92538)
finished spanish omelet(92539)