Christmas brings cheer and celebration. Celebration naturally implies feasting and merry making and revelry. A banquet is held in every house on the occasion of Christmas Eve as well as Christmas.

This brings us to ponder what the Christmas food recipes will be. There is a multitude of options when it comes to Christmas cooking recipes. Around the world, the recipes vary and only add more delicacy to the palate. A party where friends can exchange cookies would bring variety and color to the cookie platter.

Roast turkey, chicken and ham are a delicacy in most of the places around the world. The Christmas cake and Christmas pudding which is also stuffed with a treat inside such as a coin or treat are popular and exciting dishes for Christmas. Custards and pies are other famous Christmas recipes. Gingerbread is very faddish and kids are excited about the gingerbread man. Sweets are a must in every feast. The rum balls, candy canes, Satsuma’s, doughnuts, and fruitcakes are most sought after.

Butterscotch drops which are nothing but molten butterscotch chips in cornflakes, beaten up with butter are a delectable Christmas recipe. The icings one can opt for are butter icing, for sugar cookies, Graham Cracker icing, royal icing, pumpkin bar icing etc. The chocolate frosting and icing remains most favorite and number one choice among kids and adults all alike. The peanut butter cup cookie is another delicious choice. Cheesecakes are easy to make, and add to the feast. The dessert is usually royal and sumptuous.

The top and most popular, liked and attractive Christmas food recipes are

  • Down east Maine Pumpkin Bread
  • Banana sour cream bread
  • Sweet potato pie
  • pumpkin bread & gingerbread
  • molasses sugar cookies
  • mince pie
  • cranberry sauce
  • salads of a multitudinous variety
  • roasted chicken
  • roasted pork
  • fresh salmon
  • Christmas ham and mustard (which is an unsaid must in every house on Christmas)pastries
  • Rice pudding
  • Oysters
  • Roasted duck & goose

Well, these would be the most famous Christmas food of all times. One could not possibly list all the recipes but delectable, easy to make, hassle free recipes for the Christmas cooking recipes are available which will ease the tension off of you. Now, hosting a Christmas feast is easy and enjoyable.

Christmas celebrations mean the families and friends coming close and reveling with each other, and having a good time. The merry making, praying, going to the church and participating in masses are all a part of Christmas celebrations and socializing during the most auspicious occasion of Christianity. Christmas party ideas are innovative and entertaining. One can plan a Christmas party for kids, which would enlighten them about the Christmas traditions in form of games.

For adults, Christmas parties means more time to spend with each other, good food and light hearted discussions.