As I outlined in my article on earning the Brownie Girl Scout Make It, Eat It Try It Patch, it was a challenge finding recipes that suited our needs. Because we did not have access to a stove or a microwave, it was necessary for all of the recipes to be no bake ones. In addition, because we use a room in our elementary school, recipes containing peanut butter could not be used. There are several children who attend our school who have severe peanut allergies and we needed to be respectful of them. 

I strongly advise at least three volunteers for this, one for each station. There is no way my co-leader and I could have done this on our own, as the girls needed close supervision. The Make It, Eat it try It is a fun patch to earn, and my troop had a blast, but we did need the three extra moms who helped us!

I also asked the parents to send in an extra juice box or water bottle for their daughter to have when we finished cooking and had our treats.

Here are the recipes we used.

Individual Banana Cream Pies

Make sure to buy some Cool Whip of spray whipped cream in case yours does not turn out right.


  • Individual Keebler graham cracker pie shells (they come six to a pack)
  • Bananas (one banana should be enough for three girls, as they only use four slices each)
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Heavy cream
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla extract
  • Cool Whip for back up
  • Two or three plastic containers with lids
  • Six marbles that have been washed

You will need a cutting board, plastic spoons and plastic knives, as well as a paper plate with the girl’s name on it to put all finished food.

Give each girl a pie shell. She will take a turn slicing up a portion of the banana and putting it into her own shell.

In the plastic container, place ½ cup of heavy cream, ½ teaspoon of sugar, and a tiny splash of vanilla. Make sure the lid is on tight and have the girl take turns shaking the container holding on to the lid as they do this. When the whip cream is done, have the adult remove all six marbles and count them (trust me on this one!). The girls can then spoon the whip cream onto their bananas and squirt on the chocolate syrup.

Repeat for the next group of girls.

Dirt Cups

Dirt cups are a favorite dish for kids, and my troop loved creating it!


  • Chocolate Snack Pack Puddings-one for each girl
  • One box of Oreo cookies
  • One package of gummy worms
  • Brown lunch bags
  • Rolling pins
  • Plastic spoons for each girl
  • Clear plastic wide mouth cups (small size)

Before making this dessert, write each girl’s name with a Sharpie at the top rim of the cup.

Have the girls use the plastic spoons to place the pudding in the cups. Have them put 5-6 Oreos in the brown lunch bag and roll over them until they are fine and dirt-like in texture. Have them our it into their cups and top with a worm.

No Bake Smores

This no bake recipe is sure to be a hit with your Girl Scout troop, even if you aren’t camping!


  • One box of graham crackers
  • One bag mini chocolate chips
  • One jar marshmallow Fluff
  • Plastic knives
  • Bowls for Fluff

Give each girl her own paper plate. Give each girl one graham cracker board to break in half. Have her spread the marshmallow Fluff on each side. Sprinkle mini chocolate chips on one side. Put together and eat!

Fruit Kabobs

Any kind of in season fruit can be used for a fruit kabob. Since there is cutting involved, make sure that one parent and one leader is at this table to monitor the girls. Make sure you have an cutting board for each girl. Have paper towels available to wipe down the boards once the group finishes the recipe .


  • Bananas
  • Grapes in different colors
  • Oranges
  • Strawberries
  • Cantaloupe
  • Honeydew
  • Skewers

Give each girl enough fruit to make her own kabob. Have them peel and cut their own.

Veggie Platter

A veggie platter is another station that will require two adults. Each girl gets to make her plate of vegetables to eat. Buy a ready made dip for the girls to dunk their veggies in.


  • Carrots to peel and slice
  • Cucumbers
  • Peppers in assorted colors
  • Cherry tomatoes to slice in half

Make sure that you have enough vegetable peelers and paring knives for each girl. Demonstrate the proper way to cut with a knife and to use a vegetable peeler before any girl begins to use these tools.

Let each girl choose the vegetables she likes and cut them up.

Nachos and Salsa

Another recipe option is to make homemade salsa. There are many recipes out there, and all involve cutting and chopping tomatoes, onions, and fresh cilantro. Find one that will appeal to your girls and make sure you buy a large bag of nacho chips for them to dip it in.

Tea Sandwiches

Tea sandwiches are simply small sandwiches. You can survey the girls before the meeting and ask what kinds of sandwiches they bring to school. Use this as a guide to making your own tea sandwiches for this Brownie Try It.

What makes these tiny sandwiches special is the bread. You need to bring in an assortment of cookie cutters so the girls can make their own sandwich in the shapes that they want. Then they can top it with cream cheese, butter, cheese, or jelly. You may even want to try something new like a hazelnut spread or an Israeli chocolate spread for them to try.

These are just a few no bake recipes for you troop to try to earn the Brownie Girl Scout Make It, Eat It Try It patch.