Read Across America 2018 Food Ideas for Teachers and Parents

One of the most beloved children’s authors of all time is Dr. Seuss, and celebrating his birthday on March second is something teachers across the nation, as well as parents, do. His easy-to-read books have taught children to read for generations, as well as taught them many valuable life lessons.

Celebrating Dr. Seuss’ s birthday does not have to happen for just a day. Many elementary schools have a Dr. Seuss week that involves children in all grade levels. While kindergarteners do activities on their level of learning, fifth graders can take it to an entire other level. And most will not admit it, but they do enjoy revisiting favorites from their own childhood!

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As a parent or teacher, you can choose from several recipes to honor Dr. Seuss’ birthday. You can focus on one book title per day and have activities based on the theme or characters, and end the lesson with an edible treat. 

Besides the obvious green eggs and ham, there any other recipes that can be prepared to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday!

Eat Fish!

In honor of the book One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, you can serve Goldfish crackers or Swedish fish. For adventurous chefs, you can make cookies in the shape of fish and make them colorful with red and blue sugar or frosting. You can prebake the cookies at home and have the children frost and sugar the cookies themselves as a treat.

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Colorful Fish Sprinkles from Amazon 

Birthday Cake

The book Happy Birthday to You lends it self quite easily to food. Bring in a few cake rounds made inexpensively with box cake mixes. In groups, the children can frost and decorate the cakes with: 


Chocolate chips

M & M’s

Sprinkles-colored and chocolate

Colored sugar


Make sure the children are decorating properly and not just throwing things on. Talk about design and patterns that are pleasing to the eye. Remind them that they will be eating this!

Or children can decorate individual cupcakes in the same manner.

Edible Animals

After reading Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?, If I Ran the Zoo or If I Ran the Circus, an easy and ready to serve treat are animal crackers. They come frosted, in chocolate or in original flavors. Give each child a mixed bag of these treats!

If you have adult volunteers, you can make animal shapes out of fruits and/or vegetables. There are websites and books dedicated to food art, so choose one or two animals for the children to create after reading the story. Make sure to have a picture of each animal for the children to copy. 

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Package of 50 Animal Shaped Cookie Cutters from Amazon

You can also make animal sandwiches. All you need are animal shaped cookie cutters and something to put inside the bread. Or you can bring in a toaster oven and make animal shaped toast.

Make Your Own Butter

Another food activity to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday is to make your own butter. After reading The Butter Battle Book, children can make their own butter by shaking heavy cream in a jar. With a large group of children, you will want to put the cream in separate containers, as smaller amounts of cream will turn into butter faster. Play some music while the kids are shaking to make this more fun.

Those with access to an oven can make biscuits with the children so there is something to spread the homemade butter on!

Apples for Snacks

The possibilities for snack choices are endless after reading Ten Apples Up on Top. There are many recipes that use apples. You can make with the class or buy ready made:


Apple cakeDr Seuss Birthday Recipe for Ten Apples Up on TopCredit:

Apple pie

Apple turnovers

Apple muffins

Apple bars

Apple strudel

Baked apples

Apple bread

Apple scones

Or you can just serve a buffet of different varieties of apples all sliced up!

Scrambled Eggs



Scrambled Egg Candy from Amazon

In Dr. Seuss’ Scrambled Eggs Super, there is a great hunt for different eggs to scramble. Of course, you can make scrambled eggs as an activity. This simple food is a basic one even the youngest children can master and is a healthy food choice, too.

If you want to keep it simple, you can serve chocolate eggs that can be found at Easter time!

Striped Parfaits

The Cat and the Hat’s trademark hat lends itself to red and white striped treats. After reading The Cat in the Hat and the sequel The Cat and the Hat Comes Back, serve some red and white parfaits. Some food duos are:

Whipped cream and strawberry ice cream

Jello and whipped topping

Strawberry yogurt and whipped cream

Strawberries and whipped cream

The children can make these themselves or parents can volunteer to make them and bring in to the class for a treat.

Dairy Treats

If you want to keep the Dr. Seuss celebration treats healthy, then serve dairy products after reading The Tooth Book. Talk about how to take care of your teeth and how dairy products help keep teeth strong. Food such as yogurt, cheese, and milk to drink can be brought in and sereved as a snack.


Elephant Ears

Recipes for Dr Seuss' Birthday HOrton Hears a WhoCredit: this treat after reading Horton Hears a Who! or Horton Hatches the Egg. Elephant ears are a fried dough confection topped with cinnamon sugar. These can be made in a portable fryer with refrigerated dough in the classroom, or made at home and reheated at school.


Zebra Cookies

Zebra cookies are a simple recipe to make to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday. After reading On Beyond Zebra, bake cookies in the shape of horses. They can be frosted with chocolate and vanilla frosting, or simply drizzle chocolate syrup over the horse shape.

Turtle Food

After reading Yertle the Turtle, share some turtle treats, such as turtle candies. On, you will also find recipes for turtle cookies and a turtle shaped bread. 

Chocolate Mousse

After reading Thidwick, the Big-Hearted Moose, serve chocolate mousse as a Dr. Seuss celebration treat. Since Thidwick has a big heart, you can also top the mousse dessert with an assortment of different candy hearts from Valentine’s Day.

Using these recipes to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday will make literature units a more tasty one.