They are a quick way to cut conduit.

They can be used in tight spots. the blades are capable of cutting while bent. I have used them to cut nails in very tight spots.

They are often the main tool used for "tear downs."

The cordless reciprocating saw can be taken just about anywhere.


It is nearly impossible to cut a straight line.

Reciprocating saw blades were out. Especially metal cutting blades. This is a con, but the blades are not very expensive.

Full Review

A reciprocating saw is a powerful, multi-use saw that is used to cut things that are in tight places.This tool works by pushing the blade in and out of the top of the tool in rapid sucession.

This tool is so useful for two reasons:

1) Many models are cordless, making it a tool that can go anywhere.

2) Different types of blades can be purchased for it.

A 18V cordless reciprocating saw is probably the most useful cutting tool I have ever bought. The 18V battery last longer than lesser batteries and is much more powerful.

There are many different types of reciprocating saw blades. the two general categories are:

Metal cutting blades: These are used for light metal-cutting such as conduit, nails, bolts and some locks. Do not get too crazy with these blades, but they will serve you well if you stick to light applications.

Wood cutting blades: Wood cutting blades for a reciprocating saw come in all shapes and sizes. This is another attribute that makes a reciprocating saw so versatile. Look on the package before you buy a blade and read what type of wood and application it was intended for.

Don't expect a reciprocating saw to make the nice neat cut that you get using a table saw. These tools are meant for rough cuts that will not be seen. Craftsmen use them a lot when they are tearing out walls or cutting conduit. I would not use them for cutting circles in drywall for recessed lighting.

In Closing

Reciprocating saws, particularly cordless reciprocating saws, are the most versatile of the cutting tools. You can purchase a variety of reciprocating saw blades to make this tool even more versatile. These saws are not intended to make the precision cuts that are the hallmark of custom wood working, rather they are meant to make rough cuts that will never be seen by anyone.