Colors''What life means to us is determined not so much by what life brings to us as by the attitude we bring to life.''
- Lewis Dunnington -

Yesterday I had a coaching session that gave me a lot to think about. Here it goes. This post will be about boundaries and our limits. About being realistic versus being optimistic and visionary. About change that doesn't come from outer world but is initiated by our inner calls.

Some may say that life teaches us to be realistic. We learn as we grow that there are some boundaries of what is possible and what is not. Parents and people who cares about us gives us a clue about all those do and don'ts. As we are very busy with exploring the world, from time to time we have to agree on some facts. We have to sit and agree that yes we do want to be a cosmonauts but well maybe it would be better for us just to become financiers. At least our parents and society can show us how to become ones and what to fulfill in order to be successful. If not then our failure is our fault. We didn't put enough effort to go carefully through all the steps. That's why we might be unhappy in general. Is it?

We have to sit and agree that although we feel like we want to be free and play a little bit with our life, there are those things that we have to do, a musts on our list to be appreciated, loved, regarded as a healthy and promising human being. We don't want to disappoint ourselves and the whole world around us don't we?

Well, what about all those good moments that we have experienced as a kids? When we felt so stuck in here and now with our happy activities that no dinner could call us out, no worries or troubles. When we believed that we can conquer the world just by pretending to be kings, queens and soldiers. When we cherished our dreams and truly believed that we can change our world. When the world belonged to us and we belonged to world. It was not important that our only playground was the same tree or concrete square. We simply didn't care, cause our imagination could turn it into castle, dessert, store, house or different planet. And feelings were great. We looked at a stupid tree and we believed that one day we will go to jungle to have there even more adventures than Tarzan. At the end of a day we were going to sleep being fulfilled with what we had. Although in fact not much has been added to our real world. The same tree, the same friends, the same playground. Though we traveled miles in our minds.

As an adults we keep seeing the life as it is. Taking it for granted. We also get hurt on the way, we get scared and disappointed many times. So we decide to see the life as it is. Filled with facts, numbers, measured and summarized according to our current situation and very scrupulous prognosis for the future based on the accessed state of how the things are. We decide to believe in what we see and treat it as the only existing perspective. We keep forgetting that we still have ability to play with our world despite of the faces that it is showing us. We are making excuses to not explore, not conquer, not believe in changes.

We keep forgetting that we can still find and inflame a great feelings from nothing special. We can decide to appreciate small things, sing when we are sad and think creatively. We can pretend to be the best dancers ever even though we know that we will never become a super stars.

Setting our mind free, not troubling it with unnecessary limits is all we have to do to transform our feelings. Enjoying life not pushing it through or fighting against it makes us free. We really don't have to struggle, we can choose what to think and feel every second of our life as special and fulfilled with all we have. And then when we are ready to embrace changes, things may start showing us some opportunities.
Most people would follow this basic rule - feed themselves with only what they have on their plate. They don't even take effort to look into menu and ask for something different, cause why they would want to? Sometimes we let the others decide for us...because they already know what can make us happy. we think they are more experienced. Some people don't want to ask and try new things, because what if they hear no? Or what if they don't like it? Nothing scares us more than crashing our little control tower that we want to have over our life.

Thinking about a control tower did we perceive ourselves like a birds rather than planes? Planes that has to be managed, that are depended on their towers. However if we decided to perceive ourselves as a birds we are free. Flying and enjoying being alive.

We can experience good things in life even if we yet don't have enough on our plate. If life is like a buffet... many of us have been standing around complaining that others have more than we and we've forgotten that we served ourselves in the first place. We chose or we got used to what we could get. Imagination won't feed our body but it will feed our souls, make us want to imagine things that we could desire or taste. Things that are still not on our plate but things that we would really love to see there to enjoy. So what do you say?

There is a scene in ''Peter Pan'' when all boys are having a feast, eating in their imagination, before the fight with Captain Hook to feel stronger. What do you want to see in your plate?

Lets reclaim the power to make ourselves happy! Imagination has no limits..

Written by: Anna Kowalska