Using barn boards to create reclaimed wood furniture, especially a heavy duty table is a great way to recycle old wood.

It is not that hard, and with a bit of time and effort you could have a beautiful rustic barn wood table that will last you for years and can be passed down.  It is a great way to give life back to a barn that has been around for generations and is about to be taken down.

If you know of anyone having barn boards replaced or simply has a barn falling down, then consider asking them if you can pick through the pile for some decent yet rustic pieces of barn wood.  You can use these for all kinds of rustic crafts as well as creating a repurposed table.

If you do some woodworking then you will enjoy this project, but even for the novice, it doesn’t have to be that hard.

In many of the wood supply stores, or your local hardware store, you can purchase pre-made legs for tables in many styles.  Some are the traditional styles and others are more modern.  Many people have used these legs to create tables and desks from old reclaimed wooden doors for example.  But that is another project!

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Barn Wood

Take your best barn boards, and depending on the length you have decided for your table (this all depends on whether you can get longer boards or not) you need to take a power sander to them to smooth them down and then build a panel.  So, you may need to pick through a few to get ones thick enough to use.

You can then attach this panel after finishing the wood with varnish or your choice for finish to the table legs as per the pre-made leg instructions.  These pre-made legs usually come unfinished and you can then stain them or paint them to match your décor and barn wood table top.

Another way to create reclaimed wood furniture is to take the barn wood or any other wood that has meaning to you, and instead of sanding it down and taking the patina off of the wood, you can assemble your table top into a frame, and then get a heavy duty piece of glass cut that will fit over your boards and then attach to the pre-made legs.  This way you can have a wipe clean type surface so that your table is still usable and yet enjoy the patina or the history of the reclaimed wood.

A friend of mine, created a great dining room table top by using the board that was on the inside of his old door frame from his old house that has all his growth chart measurements on them.  He did not have the heart to paint over it, so removed and replaced the wood, and then used this piece of wood along with other glued together as his table top, and then added a piece of heavy duty glass.

Barn wood can be recycled into many different projects, but a barn wood table would make a great piece of reclaimed wood furniture.