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Reclaimed wood furniture can be very useful as it does not only help you achieve a very classy appearance in your home; it also allows you to be able to help the environment.


Reclaimed wood furniture can be easily found. You just have to consider certain things before you actually purchase one. Just like second hand gadgets, reclaimed wood furniture must be properly inspected before you can be able to get the right one for you.

Defining Reclaimed Furniture

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Reclaimed furniture simply pertains to used furniture that can be acquired from several different sources. It could either mean that the entire furniture is used as it is or the wood used to make such are the ones that are used already. There is nothing much to worry about using reclaimed wood furniture as long as you know how to properly choose the best product for you.

There can be a lot of sources of reclaimed wood furniture and they can be found almost anywhere that is why they can be very convenient to use at such a good price. If you would compare them with new furniture, reclaimed ones have one feature which the new ones can never have. The reclaimed ones give the natural antique look that can definitely accentuate and bring out the best ambiance in your house. Usually, reclaimed furniture has a beautiful color that provides a natural classy effect as compared to the new ones that were just painted and imitated.

The Sources of Reclaimed Furniture: They Can Be Anywhere

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You can get reclaimed woods that can be used for furniture from a lot of sources such as abandoned shipyards, garage sales, demolition sites and retail locations. Abandoned shipyards can be great sources of reclaimed woods or furniture. You can be very creative enough to use these reclaimed woods and be able to create your own furniture depending on the design or style that you want. Usually woods from abandoned shipyards are very durable and of high quality because they are usually made of rare kinds of wood.

Garage sales can also be a great source of reclaimed wood furniture. Garage sales involve selling of use products in a household which can be offered at a very low price. You just have to be patient and persistent in searching for good finds in garage sales. To those who are conducting the garage sale, those pieces of furniture can be of no use already, but to you, they can be very useful.

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Demolition sites can be a very great source of reclaimed furniture. You can readily get timber and lumber from such areas and who would think that they can still be even transformed into beautiful furniture pieces. You just have to look for abandoned homes and get updates about when they will undergo demolition. These announcements can usually be found in your local newspaper. You can also get updates from your local authorities as well. Instead of the woods being simply thrown after a demolition, you can make great use of them. You must also not forget to ask permission from the owners to get wood from the demolished house.

There are even retail stores that sell reclaimed wood furniture or even the wood itself. You just have to find those kinds of stores within your vicinity. Also, another great source of reclaimed products could be your online stores. It will be very convenient for you to search for used products online. You just have to make sure that the sellers are truly reliable by checking on their customer reviews and making sure that their customers achieve the satisfaction that they deserve for their products. If you just be very observant in searching there are even sites that offer only reclaimed wood furniture and these sites can be very helpful for you.

There Is More to Being Reclaimed

Being reclaimed does not necessarily mean that it has low quality. It even has its natural antique look and color that you can never get from new furniture. You are actually doing recycling in using reclaimed wood furniture. This is a great method in lessening landfill waste and this can be very beneficial for the environment. You don’t want to suffer the consequences of too much environmental waste in the near future right? With this method of recycling, you do not only help the environment primarily, you are also helping yourself.

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One great benefit of using reclaimed wood furniture is the savings that you can get from it. You can get the antique look in your homes through reclaimed wood furniture at a low cost. You can even make your own furniture from reclaimed wood. Aside from enhancing your creativity and resourcefulness, you also get to save a lot. Most furniture is really easy to make provided you follow the steps and instructions properly. Aside from saving, this can be a very great opportunity for you to make a good income and this can be a start of a furniture business.

Being a Responsible Customer

Before you purchase or take reclaimed wood furniture you must consider several points and standards. You must first consider the quality of the product. You must always consider sellers that have already built a good reputation when it comes to selling refurbished products. This ensures that they can be trusted very well and you do not have to worry about bogus products. You can always determine their reliability through searching before shopping. This is one thing that you should always do before you actually purchase not only refurbished products but almost any product even the new ones.

You must also consider the details of your product. There is nothing wrong to ask about every detail about your product. You are just being a responsible customer. You can always ask for actual picture about the product and a detailed description about it. This is very essential in buying refurbished furniture. You don’t want to be surprised when the product is delivered at your house and what you see is not what you expected.

You can always ask about the source of the wood, the process of construction, and one of the wisest things to do is to ask for the proof that the wood is really reclaimed through certificate of authenticity stating that the furniture is made of reclaimed wood. You just want to determine the furniture piece is really environmentally friendly. This will also prevent you from being deceived by the sellers.


Reclaimed wood furniture provides you with an eco-friendly way to save and maximize resources without sacrificing the quality at a very good cost. If you doubt about the quality, think again because there are really good offers if you would just know how to choose which are worth purchasing. Reclaimed wood furniture can be truly worth trying.