Buying recliner chairs for sale can be a fun, yet intimidating experience. On one hand you're all excited to get a new, comfortable seat to relax in after a long day's work; but then you look at all of the different kinds that are available and find yourself indecisive on which one is the best for you. It can be quite frustrating trying to choose between cheap, used, fabric, leather, large, small, or riser recliner chairs for sale. In this article we'll briefly discuss all of these different types, the pros and cons, and the most popular models on the market today.

Used Recliner Chairs for Sale

If you're on a budget, then buying a used piece of furniture seems like an ideal way to save some money and get something you want and need for cheap. Used or second hand recliner chairs can be found a number of ways. The hardest part is determining whether or not you're willing to take a risk and possible end up with a not-so-comfortable seat. When you shop in used furniture stores, flea markets, and pawn shops it's not such a big deal since you can at least test it out before you decide to buy it.

You can find plenty of used recliner chairs for sale online as well. Many times you will notice cheap prices and wide selections, but the downside is that you can't sit in them to see how comfortable they really are before making your purchase. This is why sites like craigslist should be used so you can find local sellers in your area, that way you might be able to work something out where you can go over and see it up close. Second hand recliner chairs can save you come money, but you have to be careful that you don't sacrifice too much quality in the process. Sometimes you might just be better off buying a new piece of furniture for cheap, rather than a used one that may only last you a few months.

Leather Recliner Chairs for Sale

If money is no object for you, and you want something that's not only comfortable but also durable and easy to clean, you should consider leather recliner chairs for sale. Leather is one of the most coveted and high-quality materials for just about any type of furniture, and there are several models to choose from as well. Of course you'll want to keep in mind that leather is not cheap, but it can save you money in the long run since it lasts longer than fabric. Check out these popular leather recliner chairs for sale and see if any of them appeal to you:
  • Showtime Collection Black Leather Home Theater
  • Handy Living Renu Leather Brown Wall Hugger
  • Sam Moore Bastille Leather Seat
  • Ty Pennington Drake Leather Seat
  • Hampshire Bonded Leather Seat

Fabric Recliner Chairs for Sale

Fabric seats are naturally more affordable, which is nice, though they do come with some potential issues such as stains, fraying, and general wear. However, fabric recliner chairs do have some positives as well. Other than their generous, relatively cheap prices, you also have a lot more colors, patterns, and designs to choose from. Plus, you don't stick to fabric in hot weather like you do with leather. If you're considering purchasing any fabric recliner chairs for sale, check these popular models out:
  • Acme Furniture Charlotte Microfiber Fabric Seat
  • Franklin Hanover Fabric Rocker-Style
  • AMBfurniture Overstuffed Light Brown Microfiber Fabric Upholstered Rocker-Style
  • Berkline Solace Fabric Seat
  • Cross Microfiber Fabric Seat

Riser Recliner Chairs for Sale

If you suffer from asthma, arthritis, chronic back pain, or circulation problems, there are a special set of seats out there for you to help you live a more comfortable, pain-free life. Riser recliner chairs are excellent pieces of furniture for disabled persons or those with conditions as listed above. They are specially designed to make it easier for you to get in and out of the seat with adjustable controls and electric lifts, as well as a list of innovative features encompassing the absolute highest level of comfort. Being that they are so intricately designed, riser recliner chairs for sale are not cheap by any means. In most cases you'll be looking at prices between $700 and $1000. Here are some of the best riser-style seats to look for:
  • Pride Lift DMR 670 Bed Option Electric Riser
  • Golden Technologies Electric 3-Position Riser Lift Easy-Motion
  • Lane LiftChair Riser
  • StandEasy Riser Lift Seat
  • Manchester Electric Lift Riser

Small Recliner Chairs for Sale

Even the most average sized models are often too bulky for some living spaces. If you have a limited amount of space in your living room or you just want something small, cheap, and comfortable, then small recliner chairs are definitely a great option. Below is a list of the best small models to think about:
  • Franklin Grace Small 3-Position Seat
  • Kirby Small Pillow-Back Leather Seat
  • Berkline Comfort Rest Small Scale Series
  • Ekornes Sunrise Small Lounger with Ottoman
  • Catnapper Elizabeth Chaise Small Rocker-Style
Even if you only spend about 15 minutes shopping around on the web, you would be surprised at the sheer amount of recliner chairs for sale that you can find. With so many options available and so many stores to shop and compare at, you should have no trouble finding the best furniture for your needs!