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Everyone has to see a dentist, but some people actually avoid seeing the dentist, sometimes for years because they have such intense fear of dentists. Some people have such a bad dentist phobia that they put off much needed dental work. When they are fearful of the dentist they keep cancelling much needed dental appointments, or don't go to the dentist all together, or until it get so painful they can't stand it and then will need a emergency dentist.

Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety can get extreme; there are sedation dentistry techniques that can be practiced. Some people are fearful of the dentists, equipment and even the smell of the office. They are hopeful that they can avoid going to the dentist all together. Dental anxiety can go into severe dental anxiety. They can get so overwhelmed with their dental phobia. They try to avoid the dentist completely, unless forced into it, and then go into a panic attack.

Dental dentist paranoiaPhobia

They will lose sleep over dentist phobia, or even become sick while in the waiting room. Their dental problems will increase, becoming more severe, and will suffer a lack of self-confidence. They feel insecure because of their dental problems or bad breath and won't smile

Dental Anxiety with Children

Going tdental office check upo the dentist is even more traumatic on children. With children you need to stay on top of their dental anxiety, and start early with dental care, and taking them to the dentist; so they will get used to going. You can also take your children to a pediatric dentist, someone who specializes in dental care for children, and is accustomed to their anxiety. Their office is designed to make the child comfortable, and feel safe.

  • Start dental checkups at an early age, so the child will be comfortable and familiar with dental appointments.
  • Enforce good oral hygiene, so trips to the dentist are minimal.

  • Be careful not to convey your fears of the dentist to your child.

There is different treatment approaches to dental care. If someone is having severe dental anxiety they can have a sedation dentist. They can be medicated for anxiety so they will feel better about going to dental appointments, and having dental treatment. With severe dental problems the patient can also be put under anesthesia for dental procedures.