She sat at her home computer wondering where to start after losing her job. Not sure, she received an email from a company that appeared to offer her just what she needed, a full-time job. The job seemed simple. All she had to do was view and rate some websites. The job promised a good payment, the only catch was she needed to provide her bank account information. Fortunately, she was wise enough not to provide the scammer with her vital information.

It is difficult to learn that you are being laid-off from your job. It is even more difficult to deal with finding a job when there are so many job posting scams waiting to prey on you. Most major job search websites have software to prevent such issues. Nevertheless, scams still happen especially to those that most need to find a job. Be alert and do not become a victim of these types of job posting scams.

  • Pay for Little to No Work Scams - this type promises large sums of money for practically no work at all. Remember, this economy runs on supply and demand. If you are not supplying a product or giving a service you should not expect a pay check. You will not get paid to do nothing.

  • Pay per Posting Scams - this promises to pay people for posting items for sale. The fake employer may even have the person sign a bogus agreement. Sounds innocent, except both the items and the jobs do not exist. The job seeker provides the criminals with their bank account information and soon they are left in many cases empty handed.

  • Pay to Work Job Scams - this scam wants to get your money before you begin work. You should not have to pay to work for any company. If you receive an email asking for fees to work for a company, contact their Human Resources office.

Here are a few more Tips:

  1. Research the company thoroughly.
  2. If the email is from a personal account and not the company's website, be very suspicious.
  3. Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if the company is in good standing.
  4. Never give out your Social Security Number to apply for a job.
  5. Do Not provide your Bank Account Information.
  6. Avoid applying to job postings with companies that you have not researched.