Everyone had that moment of regret that holds us after we've made a decision we wish we could reverse. While it can be thrilling to act on urge relating to specific situations, however, when it comes to your long distance relationship, acting on impulse may not always be the greatest idea. Oftentimes it is best to sleep on it, and not come up with a snap decision that we might wind up regretting in the future. Below are several long distance relationship advices to keep a clear head and prevent yourself from doing something that you will regret later.

  • The split up. By now you know that breaking up is hard to do. And several times ending things with our long distance love can be more challenging than ending a local relationship. It is because long distance couples usually spend a lot time reassuring one another that their love is true and that it will stand the test of time. Because of this, when a long distance relationship is over, it may be particularly demoralizing. If you have a disagreement, and after plenty of shouting and crying, the conversation ends with, "Maybe we should just break up", the two of you should agree to hang up the telephone and sleep on it and find out how you both feel the next day. If the relationship has already established a history of being turbulent, then perhaps it is a wise choice to end things. Nevertheless, if the relationship has been strong until now, then you're ready to take a step back from the situation before you decide to both say and do things you regret.

  • The surprise visit. Everyone loves surprises, right? Well, it depends on the surprise. Sending flowers is a lot different than turning up without notice to your partner's apartment halfway across the country. Until you have mentioned surprise visits or if you feel that your long distance love is sufficiently strong, you really should carefully consider dropping in on your mate. Sometimes these visits can make the person who is being surprised believe that their partner is "checking up" on them and that they don't trust them.

  • To the next stage. The choice to take a long distance relationship to the next level is one that should not be taken lightly. Oftentimes, couples aren't completely sure if they should develop a deeper relationship, but they create a split second decision and end up regretting it just after a few weeks. Keep in mind that if your long distance love is supposed to last, you won't feel compelled to leap into a decision.

While you might attempt to make a concrete decision on short notice, you and your long distance love should agree to sleep on it and see how you both feel in a few days. Usually when things are going to get blown out of proportion, we can see it coming, but we get so swept up in the moment that we just let it take place. Instead of allowing these situations to manipulate your relationship, it will greatly benefit your long distance relationship if both of you heed some long distance relationship advice.