Have you ever questioned yourself on how safe your computer is? This is a very tormenting question that flashes in many people’s minds. Well I think with good antivirus ranking done, you can be helped to overcome this time consuming question of how safe your data is in your computer.  Antivirus ranking is majorly done based on some criteria. Also due to the sky rocketing advancement in technology, this exercise can be done by very sophisticated antivirus ranking software.

Good antivirus ranking can remove the burden of selecting the right antivirus software, the much needed attention in decision of which antivirus to choose from becomes an out of date experience in your life. It also equips you with the necessary knowledge on which is the best antivirus in the market. This is to eliminate the chances of installing awkward antivirus software that may end up destroying your computer and rendering it of no use.

In modern antivirus ranking, different parameters are used to rank the different antivirus software that are available on the market, considering that in almost each day, there is a new software on the market. Some of these parameters include; anti-spyware protection, script blocking, instant message protection, p2p/file sharing protection, email protection, anti-Trojans, antihackers, anti-worms and adware protection. In essence these are some of the mostly used parameters that are employed in antivirus ranking. Any software that update regularly its database always is excellent to be ranked among the top performing software.

Bearing in mind that there are two categories of antivirus software in the market; free and those that are available at a cost. Different sites have come up and done ranking of these software category and the list of their ranking is available online.  Antivirus ranking is essentially done to periodically and the best software named. In most cases, customer feedbacks also play a very vital role in antivirus ranking. Surveys are also conducted in various institutions and individuals that are using this software and first hand information of the performance of various antivirus software accessed based on the set parameters.

In the recent research that is done by most online sites that list the different top ten ranking of different software, the most performing software is mostly identified to be Kaspersky. This is based on its overwhelming performance in the fight against most viruses. Others that are in the top ten categories include; BitDefender Professional, zonealarm, active virus shield by AOL, BullGuard, Ashampoo, eScan, F-Secure 2007 and Nod32. These are the most performing antivirus software according to Cybernet antivirus ranking 

I think by proper and intelligent antivirus ranking, computer users are assured of excellent security of their computers and the data which form the vital part of the computer.