The goalkeeper is perhaps the most essential position in football. As such, in Championship Manager 01/02 a good goalkeeper will be a great asset to your side. Here are a few recommended Championships Manager goalkeepers.


Kahn is the highest valued keeper in CM 01/02. As such, at 12 million he might be a little pricey for most clubs. However, if you can meet this transfer fee then Kahn is most definitely worth it as he is perhaps the best goalkeeper in the game. At 32, Kahn is not a young keeper but as a goalkeeper can still play a good number of seasons. Kahn has top ratings for strength and positing, and almost top ratings for reflexes, agility and handling. Aside from this, Kahn has fantastic anticipation, balance, bravery and tackling. All this makes Kahn a world-class goalkeeper, and one that any top European club should pursue.


If you cannot meet Kahn's fee, then there are still a good number of excellent bargain keepers. Constanzo is one such keeper that is particularly recommended. The River Plate keeper is a young goalkeeper at 20 years who can still get better. However, his positioning, agility and strength are already outstanding. Constanzo also has good ratings for handling, jumping and reflexes which make him an excellent around keeper. The best bit is his transfer fee that is just 325k, which is a great bargain for a keeper better than most in Championship Manager.


If you are looking for a younger alternative to Kahn, then Buffon is a one of the best alternatives. Buffon is already a world-class keeper at 23, who has outstanding handling, reflexes, and agility. His jumping and positioning are also excellent. In addition, Buffon is very strong, brave and has good balance. Like Kahn, Buffon is not a cheap keeper but at 23 can play at least 10 good seasons for a team.


For an under 21 goalkeeper Pellizzoli is most recommended. Pellizzoli has very good ratings for handling, reflexes and strength. His agility, jumping and anticipation are also good. So the Italian is a very good keeper with lots of potential. At 2.2 million Pellizzoli is also affordable for most top division clubs, so is well worth considering.

These are four recommended Championship Manager 01/02 keepers. Kahn is most probably the best goalkeeper there is, but the likes of Buffon, Constanzo and Pellizzoli are all good alternatives. Pellizzoli and Constanzo are particularly good value, so are well worth considering in that respect.