A healthy diet is the best thing for you, your mind, your body and soul.  But what is the best variety of foods and what are the ideal amounts consumed?  There are so many books out today on what, how much, what not to, what to do and what time of the day you should or should not eat.  So what is a good, nutritious and wholesome diet consists of?  Well if you want to follow the simple way, you can follow what the food pyramid.  The food pyramid consists of all the six major food groups and how much to consume from each, it also includes exercising as well.  The food groups and their daily consumption amounts are as follows: Breads, Rice, Cereal and Pasta (6-11 servings); Fruit (2-4 servings); Vegetable (3-6 servings); Meat, Fish, Poultry, Eggs, Nuts and Beans (2-3 servings); Milk, Cheese and Yogurt (2-3 servings); and of course all of our favorites Fats, Sweets and Oils (Use Sparingly, of course). 


Is this the best for everyone though?  What about the growing adolescent populations, all of you remember how much you ate when you were 13 to 16 years of age.  For example, teenagers need to consume at least 3 to 4 cups of milk each and everyday, which is almost twice as much compared to the simple food pyramid.


For elders, anyone from the ages 55 to 75 should consume more meat, eggs and milk or cheese.  As we get older we lose muscle mass, we must consume more protein to help counter react the depletion of muscle in our bodies.  Meat for its muscle building proteins, milk for its protein and calcium for bone strength and eggs for its protein and for zinc, zinc aides in the synthesizing of proteins; these are all dynamic variations that must be met to have a healthy diet.  


Anything that is processed should be moderated or strictly eliminated from anyone’s diet.  Such as processed cereal, processed meat such as hot dogs and processed sugars. 


It is a no-brainer to almost completely cut out sodas, alcohol and juices that consist of artificial flavors and sugar.  Everyone should also be aware of how much sugar each fruit and vegetable has as well.  Even though fruits contain fructose (a naturally occurring form of sugar) consuming too much if it is not healthy.  Did you know that carrots have some of the highest contents of sugar in the vegetable AND fruit groups?


It is safe to say that to stay within a recommended healthy diet you should follow the food pyramid and follow it well.  Although it is a generic form not created for each individual age group but for the masses, following the food pyramid is the healthiest way to eat and should be followed on a daily basis.