Whether you are managing a big club with a multimillion budget, or a small club with fewer resources you will at some stage need to bring in new players. Championship Manager 01/02 has a good number of great players with variable values. Note that the more highly valued players are not always the best, and so look around for the lower valued bargain players also.

Andrey Shevchenko

If you are managing a club with substantial resources, then you may perhaps consider Shevchenko as a big signing. Shevchenko is quite possibly the best forward in the game, with better stats than Ronaldo. Overall, Shevchenko has superb finishing, lightning pace and has the top fitness rating of 20. In addition, Shevchenko is superb off the ball, excellent in the air and has very good strength, flair, technique etc. Unfortunately, valued at 20 million few clubs can sign Shevchenko. However, if you can then Shevchenko is a world-class player.

Championship Manager2


If you are after a more affordable player, add Selakovic to your shortlist. Valued at just $475 thousand, Selakovic is a bargain for any club. Overall, Selakovic is a flexible player that can player either on the wing, center of midfield or also as a forward. His fitness and creativity are both excellent. In addition to this, Selakovic has great passing, dribbling, crossing, finishing and set-piece play. As such, Selakovic is a bargain signing for any team.

Championship Manager

Ruslan Nigmatullian

If you are searching for a great goalkeeper, then Nigmatullian is a recommended signing. This goalkeeper is one of the best goalkeepers with superb handling and reflexes. Nigmatullian's agility, jumping and positioning are also all very good. Valued at just 900k, Nigmatullian is a grossly underrated goalkeeper; but with such a fee you can sign the player with a good number of clubs.

Championship Manager3

Taribo West

Taribo West is a terrific center-back. Overall, very strong, fit, an excellent marker and great ball tackler. In the first season he is out of contract, which makes him a great signing for any club that can meet his wages.

Championship Manager4

Joe Cole

If you are looking for a younger player, then Cole is a recommended signing. The player has great potential, and can play either as a central midfield player, winger or forward. Cole has top ratings for flair and technique, and also has excellent ratings for teamwork and work rate. In addition, Cole's passing and creativity are both good; and dribbling is very good. Valued at five million, Cole is not a cheap signing but is a fine player who will still get better.

Championship manager=5

Those are a few great players that you can add to your squad. Shevchenko is perhaps the best forward in CM 01/02, but others such as Selakovic are cheaper alternatives. Nigmatullian is a top keeper, and you can sign West with a free transfer.

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