Great strikers will score lots of goals for your team. In Championship Manager 01/02, you can find some great strikers at variable values. Here are a few recommended strikers in Championship Manager.


Lazio's Crespo is one of the top strikers in Championship Manager. As such, he is a highly valued player at 11.75 million, but at any rate you will not find many strikers better than Crespo. Crespo's finishing is exceptional, and off the ball Crespo is also very good. Crespo is very fast, very strong, and also has very good ratings for flair and dribbling. As Crespo also has higher heading ratings he can score a good few goals from long balls, crosses etc. So if you can get Crespo you will have a world-class striker in your team.


For a bargain striker, Mols is a recommended player. Mols is a great finisher, and is good off the ball also. His technique and dribbling are also excellent. In addition to this, Mols has high ratings for flair, passing, and creativity. At 30 years Mols is not a particularly young player. However, his overall transfer fee of just 350k make him a great bargain.


Batistuta is a world-class striker, and one that has a relatively low transfer fee. Overall, Batistuta has generally very high ratings, particularly in finishing, off the ball, pace, and strength. Batisistuta also has excellent heading and set-piece play. His flair, technique, and work rate are all excellent. In addition to this, Batistuta also has great long shots. At 32 years he is not a young player, however his overall transfer fee of 4.5 million makes Batistuta a relative bargain compared to the likes of Crespo. So overall, Batistuta is a recommended striker that will likely score a good number of goals.


Mantorras is a recommended under 21 striker that plays for Benfica. Montorras has very good ratings in finishing, pace, strength, stamina, and balance. His flair and dribbling are both excellent. In addition, as Montorras has good long shots he will score goals from distance. At 19, he is a player that will surely get better still, and valued at 1.5 million is very affordable to larger clubs.

So they are four recommended strikers in Championship Manager 01/02. Crespo and Batistuta are two world-class strikers, Mols is a good bargain and Montorras is a great young striker that will be an asset to any team.