Thailand Travel Vaccinations

A Thailand vacation can be a glorious release from the stress and pressures of daily life! But depending on where you travel, you may need vaccinations for Thailand travel.  So, before you take that Thailand vacation you should take a moment and make sure you you have the recommended vaccinations for Thailand. Don't let not having the recommended vaccinations ruin your holiday.

There are many exotic tourist destinations around the world that you can visit for a holiday, finances permitting of course. All may have different vaccination requirements. Thailand situated in the heart of South East Asia and once called Siam has become increasingly popular as a holiday destination, particularly the islands of the South such as Koh Samui and Phuket.

thai temple in bangkokWhile there are no specific Thailand island vaccination requirements for particular islands, when visiting a foreign country there are always rules and regulations to comply with. Thailand is no different and in this article we explore medical requirements with particular emphasis on recommended vaccinations for Thailand travel.  Having the correct and up to date vaccinations is really just as important as remembering to bring your passport.  In fact, if you skip the recommended vaccinations and contract a serious disease or illness, you'll wish you had forgotten the passport instead.

The following list of diseases for which vaccinations are recommended for travel to Thailand will be of interest to anyone planning to visit the Kingdom for a holiday or for business. It is important to treat these Thailand travel vaccination recommendations seriously and take your shots when stipulated. There is no sense in ruining a perfectly good holiday by being negligent.

thailand island beach and rock formation

Another factor to bear in mind is that recommended vaccinations for the Land of Smiles vary from time to time and there could be changes at the time of your intended travel. Talk to your physician to find out what vaccinations you need to take about 4 months before your intended departure. Some vaccinations need to be taken as much as 3 months in advance.

The recommended vaccinations for travel to Thailand include:

  • Typhoid – 10 days prior to travel date
  • Cholera – 2 weeks prior to travel date
  • Hepatitis A – 2 weeks prior to travel date
  • Diphtheria and tuberculosis is strongly recommended – 3 months prior to travel date
  • Hepatitis B – recommended 2 months prior to travel date
  • Rabies – recommended 1 month prior to travel date
  • Yellow fever – recommended for people arriving from infected areas in Africa and the Americas

Other vaccinations like Japanese encephalitis are generally not recommended, but it is advisable to consult a healthcare physician for advice.

Malaria is pretty prevalent all over South East Asia and it is best to take the appropriate preventive medicines. Take care to avoid mosquito bites by using insect repellent and mosquito nets. Vaccinations like tetanus and polio should be kept up to date as required.

While there are some general recommended vaccinations for Thailand travel, others will depend on which part of the country you plan to visit and how long you plan to stay. Visiting remote areas will require a more serious study of the required vaccinations for Thailand.  A simple stay in Bangkok won't require any vaccinations beyond those you should already have anyway.

Air, water and insect borne diseases are prevalent and prevention through vaccination is certainly better than the cure!  Then you can kick back and relax during your stay in the Kingdom knowing that you have protected yourself from disease by complying with the recommended vaccinations for Thailand.