Wingers can be essential players to any team in Championship Manager 01/02. These are attacking midfield players that play either on the left or right side of midfield. A good winger will have excellent crossing, dribbling, stamina, pace, acceleration, agility and passing, and these are a few great wingers that should be included in your team.

Stefan Selakovic

Selakovic is one a great winger that is very affordable. The Halmstad player is valued at approximately 400,000 which is something of a bargain. Selakovic can play further forward, in the centre of midfield or alternatively on the right wing. Although lacking pace, Selakovic's stamina, passing and crossing are all very good. In addition to this, Selakovic's set piece play is also very good, and with good finishing he can score lots of goals from midfield.

Predrag Djordjevic

This winger can play on the left side of midfield, and is another relative bargain. Djordjevic is valued at just £400,000, although is undoubtedly a quality winger who is better than players valued at five times that figure. Djordjevic's dribbling is outstanding, and the player also has excellent pace and flair. The player also has very good fitness, crossing and creativity. While Djordjevic's finishing is not the best, with good long shots he'll still score quire a few goals as well.


Gallarado is a midfield player who plays for the French club Monaco. With 36 games for Argentina as well, this is a top class player to include in your team if possible. Valued at approximately £3.6 million, Gallarado is relatively cheap compared to other wingers with more inflated transfer fees. Gallarado can play either on the left or right side of midfield, or even in the centre. The player has excellent fitness, outstanding flair and technique, and very good pace, passing and set-piece play.


HSV's Mahdavika is one terrific winger that you should have in your side if you can meet the £6.5 million transfer fee. Mahdavika has explosive pace and acceleration, and in this respect there aren't any wingers with better ratings. In addition to this, Mahdavika also has very good dribbling, crossing and set-piece play.


Revivo is  winger (or a forward that can play on the left side of midfield) that plays for Fenerbache, and is valued at approximately £6, 25 million. Admittedly, not the cheapest winger, but is still good value. Revivo has excellent pace, dribbling, technique and flair. The crossing and set-piece ratings are almost as good, and as Rivivo's finishing and long shooting are also very good the player will likely score lots of goals from midfield. His scoring record is 78 goals in 272 games, and in his most recent season this included 16 in 38 games.

These are a few great wingers in Championship Manager 01/02. Revivo, Mahdavika, Selakovic, Gallarado and Djordjevic are five wingers that will be great additions to your team. Even in Europe's best leagues, these wingers should still be great down the flanks.