The midfield can include most of the players in a soccer team. As such, in Championship Manager you will certainly need to have a good number of midfielders in your squad, especially if you select formations with five players in midfield. They can play further forward, just ahead of the defenders or on the wings. These are a few great midfield players that you should add to your team.


Monaco's Gallardo is a world-class midfield player. Valued at a relatively modest 3.8 million, this is one player that you should consider adding to your team if you can meet the transfer. Gallardo is a very flexible attacking midfield player that you can play in the center, left or right side of midfield. Gallardo has fantastic flair and technique, and has very good passing and creativity ratings. Gallardo has plenty of pace, and is a great playmaker for any team.

Championship Manager


Ainsworth plays for Wimbledon, and has a transfer value of 675 k. However, Ainsworth should really be valued at 6.75 million. If you're searching for a very quick sprinter, then Ainsworth could be an ideal transfer with a pace rating of 18. In addition, Ainsworth is an outstanding team player, has great balance and is also very fit. Ainsworth is not the best passer of the ball, but is still a great midfield player.

Championship Manager


This is a midfield player who can play in defense as well as midfield. A defense midfielder who can play either in the center, or on the right side if required. Patsatzoglou has top ratings for stamina and technique, and is a very good team player. In addition to this, Patsatzoglou has good flair and set piece ratings. At 22 you can expect that Patsatzoglou's ratings will also increase a bit as well. Given that the player is valued at 550 k, this is one midfielder that most higher division clubs can add to their teams.

Championship Manager


A great midfield player who can play in the center of midfield, on the right-wing or further forward. Selakovic has a 425,000 transfer value, but despite this has some excellent ratings. Selakovic has excellent stamina, and the player's passing, creativity set piece and team play ratings are all at 15 or 16. As Selakovic can also be played as a forward, he will score lots of goals from midfield as well. Even if not included in your first team, Selakovic is a great player to have as a substitute.

Championship Manager


Djordjevic plays for Olympiakos, and is great winger who can play on the left side of midfield. Alternatively, you can also play Djordjevic in the center; but the best position is probably on the wing. Djordjevic has great pace and flair. The player has very good crossing and creativity ratings. With a very good long-shot rating Djordjevic can also score lots of goals from midfield. The player has a 550 k transfer value, but that should be more like 5.5 million.

Championship Manager

These are a few great midfield players that you should add to your team. In addition, Blackpool's Wellens, Tottenham's Davies, PSV's Robben and West Ham's Cole are a few others that are worth noting.