Reconditioned John Deere riding mowers are a great option to save a bunch of money on a like-new rider that will keep your lawn looking great.  Whether you are looking at zero turn models, sit down riders, or anything else, you will find them a good option when you need a new lawn mower, want the best quality in John Deere, but you just don’t have the money to buy new.  While you cannot fully expect to buy a quality used machine super cheap, you can get a great deal.

Shopping for Refurbished John Deere Lawn Tractors

The best place to shop, for the most part, is from an authorized dealer.  You will find factory rebuilt and professionally repaired models for sale at great prices.  Of course, there are some other places that you might want to look for bargains.

As you search, you might want to check out lawn and garden dealers.  While you might not be dealing with an authorized dealer, you will be dealing with professional mechanics that are more than capable of repairing and reconditioning small engines, like those on riding lawn mowers.

Online shopping is a little more difficult for something like this.  Shipping can be expensive and this is a sizeable purchase to make on something you cannot touch and feel in person.  It still is something to look at and use to compare prices.

Benefits of Buying Rebuilt Lawn Yard Tractors

Obviously, the pricing is the main benefit to buying reconditioned riders for your lawn care needs.  Cutting the grass doesn’t have to be super expensive.  With savings of hundreds of dollars or more, it is easy to see why many people prefer to buy this way.  Keep this in mind as you shop around and look for bargains.

Alternatives to Rebuilt John Deere Riding Mowers

Maybe you need to get something that’s a little cheaper, or you just don’t have options for a repaired model in your area.  Whatever the reason, you have some great alternatives that you might want to keep in mind.  In the list below are some of the options you have.

Used:  A used lawn mower is a great option.  You will find them pretty cheap.  With the legendary reliability of a company like John Deere, you can likely buy an older model that still has lots of life left and plenty of grass left to cut before it is used it. Check classified ads for bargains or visit local dealerships.

Non-Current:  Many authorized dealers will carry models that are a year or two old, but have never been used in the past.  This is a great option because you will generally get a full warranty at a reduced price.  How much they cost will vary of course, depending on the model you are looking at.  Zero turn will cost more than sit down riding lawn mowers by John Deere as well.  The size of the mower deck will also dictate pricing. Engine size, horsepower, and options will have an impact, too.

Closeouts:   The end of the year and end of season sales on lawn equipment go on every single year.  You can often even get special financing for model closeouts, which helps to save money on the payments.  It is a good option to keep in mind.

Alternative Brands:  You have some alternative manufacturers to keep in mind.  Gravely, Swisher, and Husqvarna are all good options that you will want to keep in mind.  Don’t settle for a super cheap one though, or you are not very likely to be happy with the results you get.


Reconditioned John Deere riding mowers are a great option to keep in mind.