Reconditioned sewing machines for sale can be difficult to find. Many older sewing machines are in poor condition and cannot be repaired. It can take a while to find the perfect reconditioned sewing machine so it is best to be patient. Do not expect the find the right machine at one place. Expand the search and check out multiple retailers. There are pros and cons to each retail outlet. One place may not have many antique sewing machines but may have many older model machines. Another place may have many antique sewing machines but will not have many models from the past ten years. Always keep an open eye, especially when reading through the newspaper or on Craigslist. Below is a detailed description of the five best places to find reconditioned sewing machines for sale:


Auctions are one of the best places to find reconditioned sewing machines for sale. Online auction sites, such as eBay, will have more options than a traditional auction. Searched for reconditioned or used sewing machines to see what is available. Some of the old sewing machines up for auction will need to be fixed and may look well used. These types of sewing machines can be purchased cheap and be easily fixed by purchasing a part at a local sewing machine repair shop. Traditional auctions can be found by looking in the Sunday paper. Most of the advertisements will provide a list of the items that will be auctioned off. Many of these auctions sell antique Singer sewing machines and treadle sewing machines. As long as a bidding war is not started, reconditioned sewing machines can be purchased for very low prices at an auction. Most people are surprised when they hear about how cheap sewing machines are at auction.

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Garage Sales

Finding reconditioned sewing machines for sale at garage sales can be hit or miss. Most garage sales will not sell used sewing machines but one might get lucky. Garage sales are often advertised in the newspaper. If the sale is made up of a lot of children's toys and clothing, there probably will not be a reconditioned sewing machine for sale. Look for a garage sale that has many antiques. An antique Singer might be among the furniture. Another tip is to call the people who are hosting the garage sale and ask them ahead of time if they have any used sewing machines for sale. They might be able to hold it so no one else can buy it. The best thing about a garage sale is that there is room for negotiation. It is a great way to buy a cheap reconditioned sewing machine.

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Estate Sales

Estate sales are a wonderful place to find reconditioned sewing machines for sale. An estate sale occurs when someone has passed away and there is no family that wants to keep their belongings. Their belongings are sold and the money goes to the estate. This type of sale is advertised in the Sunday paper. If the person who passed away was older when they died, the estate sale may have many antiques including old sewing machines. There will be many antique collectors at the sales that will be fighting over the best antiques. The antique sewing machines will be highly sought after but reconditioned sewing machines that have not reached antique status may be easier to find and purchase.

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Donation Centers

The best place to find reconditioned sewing machines for sale is at donation centers such as Salvation Army or Goodwill. A donation center takes old furniture, clothes and other merchandise from community members and sells it to make money. The money made helps people who are less fortunate. These places are found in just about any community. A lot of people will donate their old sewing machines to the donation center. The donation center will sell them for a really low price. Call the donation center and ask if they have any sewing machines for sale. If not, they might be willing to keep an eye on incoming donations and will call when a sewing machine comes in. The donation center will be plenty willing to negotiate the price but, chances are, there will be no need to lower the price. A donation center is a hidden gem in the community and one of the best places to get cheap reconditioned sewing machines.

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Antique Stores

Antique stores usually have a large variety of reconditioned sewing machines from which to choose. Most of the sewing machines found at antique stores will be treadle machines. A few antique shops will sell used sewing machines from the 1980's and 1990's but these are few and far between. For those looking for the cool treadle machines that grandma used to have, an antique store is the perfect place to find them. Antique stores will try to charge a lot of money as they have to make a profit but, depending on the store, they may be willing to negotiate. Small mom and pop antique stores are more likely to negotiate than a larger antique store.

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In addition to these five retailers, reconditioned sewing machines can be purchased from online retailers such as Amazon. There may not be many options when buying from an online retailer unless they specialize in reconditioned sewing machines. Before looking for a used sewing machine, do some research and know exactly which model you want to purchase. Narrowing down the make, model and year of the sewing machine can make it easier to find what you are looking for and you will not make impulse purchases. It will also make it easier to create a budget and figure out what the sewing machine is worth. Check out the machine thoroughly before purchasing it. Many people will buy a reconditioned sewing machine and assume that they can fix it. When they get it home, they will find that it needs a part that costs more than the machine was worth when it was new. Even worse, they may find that the machine is not repairable at all. Always perform a thorough inspection before purchasing a reconditioned sewing machine.