Although the price of stairlifts has dropped significantly over the last decade, you can get a cheaper stairlift still (that is actually very affordable) if you go shopping for reconditioned stairlifts. For a decent second hand refurbished stairlift you don't really need to be looking at any more than a £1000 budget, which compared to having a  brand new one installed which typically fetch in easily excess of 3 grand is a whole lotta money saved -- and they obviously work just as well.

As with all reconditioned goods, the case is simply that it is 'second hand' and previously broken that has been fixed up again in an official capacity to be good as new. In the case of stair lifts though, companies go usually one step further and provide you with a warranty coverage of over two years (which is actually more than most brand new ones) and they will usually have it installed on your stair case for you, free of charge. Moreover, some stair lift companies will offer you an annual service check up and have discounted replacement batteries if needed.

Everything from a quality and functional perspective are exactly the same. However, it does depend on the model you are getting -- if the stair lift was quiet as new, then it will be quiet refurbished. However, it was loud new and not much good anyway, don't expect the refurbished version to be better -- so it's still important to make sure you are investing in the right model of stair lift and just any second hand reconditioned one that comes about.

Main Stairlifts Brands to Consider

In all honesty, when it comes to buying a new stair lift, particularly second hand and previously broken I wouldn't look past a Stannah model. They are pretty much considered the Rolls Royce of the Stair lift world and are available through whole range of retailers (which we will discuss below). 

In particular the most popular model is the Stannah Saxon stair lift chair this is intended for those who have a straight set stair case and has a wide ergonomic and comfortable seat. The premium model though is the Starla whereby it offers you the ability of a two way swivel seat, a foot rest as well as a motion sensor system so it won't go until your all secure (this reconditioned Stannah stairlift is still available at spot on the £1000 mark with installation).

Reconditioned StairliftsCredit: Acorn/Amazon

Reconditioned Curved Stairlifts

They also provide you with options for those who have curved stair, however let it be said these are a lot more expensive -- even with reconditioned curved stair lifts models. Stannah again offer you two popular models: the Sarum that costs around £2800 with installation (which is still a grand saved on a brand new model being fitted) and the Strala which c

omes with more features (e.g. coming with a remote control etc.) and costs typically a bit more at £3000 guide line price. The reason behind the curved models being so much more expen

sive is that although they are second hand and refurbished stair lift chairs, the rail that works alongside your stairs has to be brand new, given it is completely unique to your stair way.

Where to Get Reconditioned Stairlifts?

When it comes to searching for where to actually buy  reconditioned stairlifts (and to get a good price), you have suprisingly quite a good few options. The first place to look though is online and see if you have a local dealer in your area, who has a dedicated website in place e.g. in Essex, Chesire, Kent, Surrey and so on. You will also find some decent national sites for the UK that sell reconditioned stair lifts too such as from Stannah Stair lifts directly. With each site be sure to try and contact them and see if you can get a decent price on a reconditioned stair lift -- negotiate one to the next, and you could easily come away with a decent refurbished stair lift for well under 600 odd pounds.

Also, not that surprisingly, eBay has a lot of good options for you to consider -- "assured stairlifts" have a particularly good range of refurbished stairlifts available. I advise you get in contact with them firstly though, explaining what it is you want and if they have a particular recommendation etc. They also don't just stick to Stannah, but have other smaller stairlift brands in stock as well at a pretty cheap price as well.

Reconditioned StairLift Buying Check List

Obviously though are a few things to bear in mind when searching and buying refurbished stairlifts:

  • The Warranty Coverage - anything less than a year, then in all likelihood you can get a much better deal somewhere else. Also, in many cases they will offer you some sort of money back guarantee scheme.
  • Officially Reconditioned and Certified - when you buy the stairlift, be sure to establish that it has been fixed by the stairlift engineers of the respective company themselves and not 'on the side'. Also, try to get information on how long it was used by its previous owner if you can & establish an age for it.
  • Measurements and Dimensions - it is also a good idea to get some measurements at hand for your stair way (in terms of width etc.) as well as how big the chair is you are buying. 
  • Do Some Research - if you have a particular model in mind, be sure to do some research into it -- have a look at some reviews, is it best suited for you? Are there certain improvements that can be made to it to meet your specific safety needs and technical specifications.

Hopefully, you have gained a better understanding of how to go about buying reconditioned stairlifts and where exactly to find them for sale -- but if you do have any questions or concerns feel free to shoot them below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.