HyperFire HC600 Time Lapse Video

The Reconyx HyperFire HC600 is the newest game camera in the Reconyx Outdoor series.  It is packed with features, and serves as a dual purpose game camera and time lapse video camera.

You may have noticed the new trend in Time Lapse Video scouting cameras.  In 2010, Day6Outdoors introduced their dedicated TLV called the Plotwatcher.  In 2011, they enhanced this offering with the Plotwatcher Pro.  Moultrie entered the TLV market in 2011 with their PlotStalker TLV.  TLVs are a hot new trend, and you can expect to see other game camera manufacturers bringing TLVs to the market soon.

Reconyx took another approach.  Instead of offering a dedicated TLV, they implemented time lapse video capability into their HyperFire HC600.  This gives hunters the option of using this scouting camera as a traditional game camera or a TLV, depending upon the specific scouting needs.

Time Lapse Video game cameras do not require that game trigger any sensors.  Traditional game cameras typically have a detection range of 30 to 50 feet.  With a TLV, pictures are taken at timed intervals, for example every 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, or 1 minute.  This is great for scouting deer because you are able to see what type of game movement is occurring beyond the detection range of the sensor.  It will capture images containing game as far as the eye can see.  There is typically software included with the TLV that will allow you to play the images back in the form of a movie, so you are able to rapidly scan the images for game activity.

There are specific scouting scenarios where using a TLV is desirable.  Examples of these would be scouting of large fields or clearings.  This is ideal for gun hunters, who would be taking long shots.  In dense woods, TLVs do not make as much sense to use, because the field of view and distance of visibility is much smaller.  In these scenarios, a traditional scouting camera works much better. 

So the Reconyx HyperFire HC600 give hunters options.  This dual purpose game camera can arm hunters with the scouting knowledge they need to be successful when the hunting season opens.

HyperFire HC600 Video Example