You see it all over the place now, how the presidential candidates are arguing about job growth or job losses. In reality they have no control over what happens. All they can do is set the environment for job growth and hope it works, but when there is no economic growth even after an attempted stimulation, it leaves them scratching their heads. They are puzzled because they plunge the interest rates down, encourage growth, and still they can't pulse the economy.

     The reason behind the current economic flat-line is the common people. Yes the people are halting the economy. With the current interest rates, borrowing money has never been this cheap. Now it’s a buyers’ market, Interest is low and so are the prices of real estate and other assets you can buy to aid your company.  The government is practically giving it to us, but due to the current crippled state of the economy, people are afraid to take out a business loan. With the recession still burning hot, people would rather save the money for a rainy day when they need it than go spend it on a business, and that's completely fine. Although starting your business requires a lot of money and is a big risk, it can be astronomically profitable and can help you leave behind a legacy for your family. Not only would a business make you richer than being employed, it would employ others desperately searching for a job in this rough unemployed economy. 

     With business loan APR's at only 3%-6% it's a shame that more people aren't taking out business loans and starting a potentially great business. It won’t be like this forever; in fact the economy has already started the long road to recovery already. Real estate prices have just started climbing again; employment is expected to grow rapidly, and just the startup cost for starting a business is starting to rise again. So if anyone was thinking to start a business sometime in the near future, now is the time to do it, while it is cheap.