What is holding you back from recording your music like a pro?

If you're passionate about your music, then being on a tight budget or having limited time available to play, compose, or record your music, can easily suck the happiness out of your life.

Furthermore, if you believe your recordings don't sound professional enough, then there's a big chance you're right. Few of us musicians have the skills to perfectly record tracks in a way that is both time efficient and effective. Some musicians may sound really good live, but may not be very good in the studio. There is a difference between putting on a show and putting a proper recording technique to use in the studio.

Quite a few songwriters don't have a band to support their compositions, either because they have limited time available to regularly rehearse, or because they haven't found the ideal musicians yet.

Well, if I have described you above, then you're very well just like me. While reading the Indie Band Survival Guide (Amazon Link below) by Chertkow and Feehan, both from Beatnik Turtle, I came across the subject of session players. Now I have heard about hiring session musicians before from my friend Markus Thomas, who relied on them to record his album, but never gave it much thought until lately. The picture below summarizes the problem, solution and main benefit of hiring session players online to record your music.

=Session Players

To sum up, your main benefits of following this approach will be:

  • Having great professional recordings. The years of experience the session players have will definitely give your recordings a boost.

  • Complete control over the outcome. You'll be able to outsource and supervise almost everything. Unless you have to be present to record some stuff yourself or spend some time in the studio mixing, you will hardly spend money on expensive studio time.

  • Reduced costs. Spending less time in the studio means reduced costs. Session players are professionals and can easily create the sound you're looking for in a time efficient and effective way.

  • More time available to do other things. Since you don't have to be in the studio, you can focus on being creative, composing new songs, marketing your music, or just enjoying the moment.

Bottom line is that if you know you're good, but lack the necessary skills or resources to record the songs yourself, or just want something more professional, then hiring a session player online can be the one thing that makes your music stand out more. To be more professional, take the plunge!


As mentioned before, a great book that explains, among other things, the subject of hiring session players very well, is The Indie Band Survival Guide: The Complete Manual for the Do-It-Yourself Musician. Chertkow and Feehan write this brilliant resource for indie musicians, managing to convey years of experience in an easy to read yet informative manner. Highly recommended from my part.

Finally, if you are interested in finding session players, the following online based ventures can help you record right away (it's all online):

  • ESessions.com
  • Sessionplayers.com
  • Drumsforyou.com

Tell me what you think

What is your opinion on hiring session players online? Do you feel it takes away your song's special something? Tell me below!