ViolinI'm sure you can all remember the shrill or the beautiful notes from the recorder and the screeches of waxed horsetail on those violin strings, lest we never forget. Were those the only instruments that we could learn in school?

I remember my times in the recorder orchestra being accompanied by a couple of Violins - I was so proud at the time - I only recently discovered how "interesting" it sounded when I was dragged by my sister to my nephews first concert. I'm so glad I took the ear plugs. Recorder

Well all that is about to change!!! Ukulele's are taking schools by storm. Yes ukuleles. That amazing Hawaiian instrument that everyone remembers George Formby playing funny fast songs.

Many schools are abandoning the recorder and violin lessons and moving towards ukuleles. With the small size, only 4 strings and easy to play methodology they are fast becoming a hit with young children. But not only young children, they are becoming funky and even teenagers and some of the most high profile guitarists are using ukuleles.

Why is it so easy to play? Well because of the way it is tuned (G, C, E, A), you usually have to hold down one or two strings and strum, and you have music. But even better is you can just fiddle with it and make pleasing music, and no more intermittent screeches or dribbles.

I recently took one on my holiday camping in France, and it was a hit on the campsite. I can barely speak french so a lot of sign language was used, but I soon worked out everyone was wanting to play this small curious instrument. There was a chap playing an acoustic guitar that came to see what all the fuss was about, and after 5 minutes of fiddeling he seemed an expert on this fantastic little uke. He became an instant fan.

They come in various colours and sizes from ConcertUkulele (the smallest) to Baritone (the biggest (although the biggest is still small)) and a few in between so everyone is catered for. They are so easy to take anywhere with you because of their small size. And you can get a very good instrument for very little money.

With their popularity, stocks throughout the UK are running out fast. So if you want to save your ears from the piercing screech of of the bow ripping across strings or the shrill of the ill placed finger over one of the holes on the recorder, try a' Ukulele.

There is plenty of more information on ukuleles on the internet. At guitarbitz you will find details of prices, including styles, tuning techniques and much more.