I listen to music during almost everything I do. Late nights of homework, a trip to the gym, or even a two minute walk from the classroom to my car. Music is an essential part of my day-to-day life to say the least. But all this is quite platitudinous for a couple of reasons: The first being that the majority of the people reading this would agree that, yes, music is an important part of their lives too. The second point is that while music from my iPod is enjoyable and convenient as it acts as a good distraction from the hustle bustle of a regular day in the life, nothing beats the delight of spinning a record after a hard day’s night. Excuse the inevitable web of pretentiousness I am about to spin myself in but I would like to share some thoughts on records.

            Often the first argument in favour of vinyl records is about sound quality. You can find articles about this written by some pretty hardcore audiophiles on the internet and there are some on Infobarrel as well. However, I am not going to be talking about audio quality because outside of simply believing that it sounds better on vinyl, I really do not know much outside of that.

            What is most important to me about records is the collectability of them. Like any other collections someone may have, there is a substantial amount of work, time, and pride put into them.

Record Stores

The journey usually begins at the record store. This is where the work comes in. I can spend hours in a record store digging through crates upon crates of vinyl, getting my hands literally dirty from dust and other unexplainable things that have found themselves on the covers of the records. I have to shuffle through every single record in the row to avoid missing something. The feeling of finding something you’ve been looking for or unexpectedly finding a classic record is priceless.


If I’ve just come home from a used record store then record cleaning is a must. There are so many different ways of cleaning your records that I won’t get into it but you can find a bunch of different ways with some research. Cleaning is a must if you are concerned about preserving the quality of both your records and your record player. As geeky and odd as it sounds, spending time cleaning and taking care of your records really increases the enjoyment of the actual music that comes from them.


Record Collection(131705)

After a cleaning the records, I usually put them into an outer sleeve if they don’t already have one and store them alphabetically with the rest of my collection. For someone who is usually not concerned with organizing and cleaning, I sure do spend a lot of time doing just that with my records.


Of course, after all the time and work put into the records, the denouement is finally being able to relax and enjoy listening to one. Looking through my collection and matching my mood with a record to listen to is a fun activity. Taking it out of its sleeve and appreciating the artwork, inner-sleeves and notes is informative and refreshing. Listening to the record while doing some homework, reading or nothing at all is relaxing and satisfying. There are so many interesting and enjoyable aspects of records and I’ve barely scraped the surface. I advise anyone to take a trip to your record store and at least take a look at the collection of music.

Vinyl Playing

Regardless of how you feel about records I know that putting on some headphones and listening to a record is always a perfect way to end the day for me.