According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) accident report, more than 64,000 people are injured in vehicular accidents each year in the United States. Pedestrian accidents account for nearly 12 percent of the total accident rate.

Here are the top causes of pedestrian accident:

1. A pedestrian attempts to cross a railroad
2. A pedestrian crosses prohibited lane
3. A pedestrian fails to abide with signals at the intersection
4. A car runs on red light
5. A Sport-Utility-Vehicle makes a sudden turn at the intersection
6. A motorcycle driver is speeding
7. A truck driver is intoxicated
8. A car driver is texting while driving

Pedestrian accident can cause serious injuries or may eventually lead to death.
Some examples of injuries are:

1.    Traumatic brain injury
2.    Spinal cord injury
3.    Paralysis
4.    Arm or leg amputation
5.    Broken/ fractured bone
6.    Collapsed lung

Injuries from a pedestrian accident require immediate medical treatment. The cost of surgery for the above injuries can be expensive and may need long term therapy.

If you or your loved one is injured in a pedestrian accident, you can consult with a
Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer in to help you recover damages.

A skilled Los Angeles personal Injury attorney can help you file a lawsuit and assert compensation for your:

1.    Medical expenses
2.    Loss income
3.    Pain and suffering or emotional loss

In filing a Personal Injury lawsuit, your lawyer will help you prove the negligent act of the driver who caused the accident, leading to your injuries.

How to prove the negligent act:

1.    Establish that the driver has a duty of care over you
2.    Prove that the driver has failed to fulfill such duty
3.    Establish the causes of events, leading to accident
4.    Present proof that the accident has led to your injuries

Your lawyer will also help you gather evidence such as: photos from the accident scene, copy of police report, witness statements, medical records, and expert analysis.

You can consult with your Personal Injury lawyers at a reputable law firm to help you file the lawsuit and assert legal action today.

It is important that these skilled attorneys have a proven track record in handling Personal Injury cases and uphold ethical standards to ensure that you receive professional legal service with excellent results.