It's very difficult to recover from emotional abuse. If you have recovered or are recovering from this trauma, you know how painful it is to move on. It's a slow process when your emotional stability has been peeled away layer by layer for many years.



First thing is to seek good counseling. Some states have crisis centers that have programs with certified counselors. There are also programs that are available for children to attend with their parents. Don't try to heal emotionally all by yourself as this type of trauma needs professional help in order for you to move on.



Find one friend or relative that you can confide in and trust. This should be someone you can depend on who can help you through the most difficult times you will face. Choose someone who has is emotionally well and sensible, not over dramatic. This will help you recover from emotional abuse.



Read self help books of an encouraging nature. Purchase CD's as well, so you can listen to them in the car, when you can't read. This will help boost your self esteem. There are lots of positive geared books and CD's that you can purchase or borrow from the library.



Don't belittle yourself or beat yourself up while you are struggling. This is destructive behavior that is mimicked from your abuser. This is a habit that you will have to be conscious of and you will have to change. When you hear yourself becoming doubtful in a way that demeans your character, reverse your thoughts and begin thinking positive thoughts. It will help form a new habit while you're recovering from emotional abuse. Monitor your own thoughts and behaviors, so you can work to reverse destructive behavior.



Think of some things that you always wanted to do or get involved in. Such things as art, music or some sort of hobby would be helpful in the healing process. This would also give you some new things to look forward to. Look to your future as if it's a fresh start!

This will also help you take your mind off of things while you are learning new hobbies.



The important thing to remember while recovering from emotional abuse is that you are not alone. You can choose to step forward and stop the abuse, get professional help and take solid steps to a better life that you deserve.