Whiplash occurs when the neck is suddenly jerked forward and then backward in a manner that exceeds its normal range of motion. When this happens, muscles, joints, bones, and nerves may become damaged or strained, causing neck pains, headaches and dizziness. If you experience any these symptoms you may have whiplash or neck injury.

Once you have confirmed your injury, the next important step to do is to identify when and where you acquired it, and who caused it. Here are some common causes of neck injuries:

  • Rear-end car collisions – When a driver gets hit from behind, his neck may become injured due to the impact.
  • Sporting activities – Racing and active sports such as F1-racing, cycling, and skiing may cause accidents which can result to whiplash injuries.
  • Excessive shaking (in infants) – This usually happens when a baby is shaken too much that its neck gets injured.

If you have identified the party which is responsible for your injury, you may file a personal injury claim against it. However, you should first hire a legal expert to support your case. In Los Angeles, there are lawyers and legal advocates who are experts when it comes to neck injuries. They would become helpful allies in order for you to recover your losses. Once you have hired a trusted Los Angeles injury attorney, here are some things you need to do:

  • Take note of the statute of limitations for your situation – Make sure you will be able to submit the complaint before the statute of limitations for your case reaches its deadline.
  • Seek medical attention immediately – This would keep you away from any complications on your injury. You will also be able to determine your medical expenses.
  • Look for parties that may provide you benefits for your injury – Aside from the defendant's payment, you may obtain financial assistance from your insurer or your employer.
  • Gather the necessary details to prove the defendant's fault – Aside from your lawyer, your case is also decided by the evidence you get.
  • Compute the compensation amount you deserve to get – If you do this, you can avoid getting insufficient compensation from the responsible party.

Once you have taken note of these things, try your best to work with your lawyer at all times. Even an experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer needs the cooperation of his client in pursuing the case. If you and your attorney both do your part in the case, you will have better chances of winning it.