Some Things You Can Do With Leftovers

Is your refrigerator full of left over food? Meat, vegetables, fruits from weeks ago? You’ve piled your kitchen with your groceries this week, forgetting all those food from weeks ago that you’ve consumed only a little. What do you do with it? Most of us just throw it out thinking that it’s of no use already. Just make sure that your leftovers are still good for eating. Here are some tips on how you can recreate and enjoy those leftover foods.


  • Make breakfast with your veggies. Those carrots, zucchini, onion, tomatoes, or whatever you may have can be mixed with scrambled eggs to come up with a delicious omelette. Potatoes can be turned into hash brown which is perfect for breakfast.
  • Leftover vegetables with scrap meat mixed with the appropriate stock will make a very good soup for your appetizer or snack.
  • Those beef hamburger patties can be transformed into taco fillings by re-heating it and adding some taco seasoning. You can also use up those leftover vegetables as extra taco fillers.
  • Leftover meat, whether chicken, turkey or beef can be made into a mouth-watering sandwich with the use of delicious sauces, bought or home-made. Add some of those veggies from your fridge for some variety.
  • Food like vegetables and fruits can be preserved. You can dry it up to make those chips for a healthy snack. Those leftover fruits and veggies will have a longer storage life after preserving it.
  • For vegetables like onion or celery, if you have used only a part of it, you can always stock it up in the fridge by soaking it in a glass of water to extend its storage life for your next use.
  • Make a healthy dessert with your fruits and veggies. Those leftover bananas and strawberries can be incorporated with your leftover breads or cakes. Bake those fruits until soft for a quick dessert.
  • Salad would be a healthy dish for everyone. Leftover lettuce or other vegetables, meat, dressing are all you need to make this.
  • Grill those vegetables, onion, tomatoes, and beets, anything that you may find, to give it a different taste and pair it up with any other dish that you’ll be making.
  • Re-heat those leftovers and pack it for lunch. If you don’t have time to whip up another dish for your work, then, yesterdays leftover will do.
  • If you won’t find another use for your leftover foods, you can compost it and be used as a fertilizer in your garden.


Recreating your leftovers can save you a lot of cash. You can also eat healthy because you make what you eat. These are only some of the things you can do with leftovers; there may be a hundred more ways. All you have to do is be creative and you’ll be able to come up with a new and delectable dish for everybody.