Charleston, South Carolina offers a lot when it comes to amazing sites. This is the reason why more visitors are commenting that Charleston is a nice place to settle in. Here are some of the great parks and gardens in Charleston for you to have a break and be with nature.

Battery and White Point Gardens

This garden venue lets you take a good view of the Fort Sumter and Charleston harbor. This was considered as the place where Stede Bonnet, a pirate, hangs during the 1720. In 1837, it was used as a garden. This is one of Charleston's great historic landmark. You can locate this beautiful garden in East Battery and Murray Boulevard in Charleston.

Folly Beach County Park

Situated in between the Atlantic Ocean and the Folly River is this beautiful Beach Park. If you love going to the beach, you will surely vote for this site. Some of the facilities they offer are function shelters, boardwalks, snack bars, chair and umbrella rentals. This site is effortlessly beautiful.

Isle of Palms County Park

This is a beachfront view which offers a swimming area for guests of all ages. There are various options of facilities that the Isle of Palms County Park offers, some of these are chair and umbrella rentals, picnic areas, volleyball courts, outdoor shower areas, etc.

James Island County Park

This place allows you to enjoy an open grassy meadow. Relax under the natural beauty of James Island County Park. This place is perfect for the whole family. The tallest wall climbing area in South Carolina is a popular site in this park. This is ideal for vacations or for those who just want an effortless time of fun. For the brave ones, try the bicycle, pedal boats and kayak rentals for a change. For the corporate ones who are seeking a great venue for meetings, functions and receptions, there are facilities available for rentals. There are annual events like concerts being held in the place so there are more to look forward to year after year.

These places are one of the many reasons why tourists are attracted to stay in Charleston and decide to for a Charleston real estate.